World Tuberculosis (TB) Day: 24th March

TB day globally observe on 24 March every year since more than 120 years. TB (Tuberculosis) is a curable disease and is administered at a low cost. Its diagnostic and treatment procedures should, therefore, be obtainable to everyone.

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TB day is designed to create public awareness as till today in under develop country still it remain epidemic. Death reported globally nearly 1.5 million annually.

robert koch tuberculosis tb vaccineRobert Koch full name Robert Heinrich Herman Koch was a German physician and he is known as pioneer microbiologist. In 1882 he announced that he has discovered the cause of tuberculosis   As soon as Koch discovered which open the door to diagnose and cure TB.

At the same in 19th century time TB was serious life threatening even  in Europe and USA. Death reported and documented at that time was approximately 15%.

World TB day is mainly celebrated to spread awareness about the cause, treatment and prevention methods of tuberculosis.  Overall community and people are made aware of the typical symptoms for its early intervention and swift treatment. Good health is essential and therefore emphasized.

Tuberculosis is an airborne disease affecting the cells of the lungs; exposure to only a few coughs of the infected person can transmit the bacteria to the other.

In 2011, 8.7 million new cases were raised and 14 million people died due to TB.

It was reported that people belonging to middle and low-income communities are more vulnerable due to their lack of attention on their health.

“24 March World Tuberculosis (TB) Day”

Observing TB day, inviting media and the events rather build / gathers the attention of all the government organizations and other social authorities and accelerates their contribution at work in the attempt of eradicating TB.

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WHO, on the May of the previous year at World health Assembly, formed a strategy for the next 20 years in order to eradicate the global TB epidemic? It planned out steps targeting actions for the government and other social parties centering the patient care, forming policies for better prevention and supporting ideas and thriving for research in order to eliminate this epidemic disease. The working schema’s have been able to reduce this epidemic disease with a rate of 2% each year, having a rather less impact on the death rates. Proper and sustained funding, addressing the health issues of different states and effective support from the government is required to gear up the process not only this but the funding gap has to be filled for research and medicinal development too. This event also provides chances for the health care associations to engage with government agencies for matters concerning the improvement of the programs providing health care services. This event will therefore highlight the importance of diminishing barriers to the TB diagnostics and drug. Also, this yearly event will also emphasize upon the fact that Tb can only be fought with if this concern is considered everyone’s and for which unity is of significant value.

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