World Smile Day celebrate on Friday 07 October 2016

The idea of celebrating World Smile Day was crafted and created by Harvey Ball of USA. Mr. Ball was commercial artist, who was from Worcester, Massachusetts. He is known for creating the Smiley faces in year 1963. Which means happy, smiling & cheerful face of human being.


That images which were created by him in year 1963 still most recognizable figures or symbol for happiness, good will, cheering up human being worldwide. It is very commonly now a days use to express our happy and cheering up feeling while communicating with any one. These symbol are now a days very commonly use via mobile / android communication

Smiley has become the commonly recognizable symbol of good will and for cheering up your acquaintance and dear one living on the planet.

The smile day is celebrated yearly on first Friday in the month October.

World Smile Day History

If we go back in history the first World Smile Day was observed in year 1999 and from there onward this is celebrated regularly each year. Mr. Harvey Ball died in the year 2001. To honor and recognize his gesture of goodwill and services “Harvey Ball Smile Foundation” was created. The theme and slogan of newly established foundation of Smile foundation was refer as

“Improving this world, one smile at a time”

This established foundation is continuing its service and the official sponsor of World Smile Day from 2001 till to date.

After creating smiley in 1993 by Ball Harvey, the years have passed people have used and overused his creation in shape of symbol expressions. Due to its excessive usage and repetition these have lost its real meaning and utility. Ball thought how to make its usage in real positive manner. He came up with idea of “World Smile Day”. The day to be celebrated on first Friday of October every year. Then he got this patent registered in his name.

we-all-smile-in-the-same-language-happy-world-smile-dayHis concept to create World Smile Day to devote one day at least to smile, do kind and generous act worldwide. This creation of Smiley faces is purely for the benefit of people and cheerful life of human being. It is nonpolitical, it has no boundary, no linkage to racism and nothing to do with religion.

Today is World Smile Day Please join to celebrate and share your smile

The crux and overall objective of this source of information is to make sure to join and celebrate World Smile Day of 2016 which is today. Please do an act of happiness and ensure to make at least one person smile today.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

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