World Sight Day 2016 observed on Thursday 13 October 2016

World sight day is observe world wide on second Thursday of October which is on 13 October in the year 2016. In the year of 2016 World Sight Day (WSD) is focusing on “What will the be impact of Preventable Blindness in Women” in the community. Also to evaluate the overall impact on the health of the families and within the community or society.


Women are mostly effected by blindness

It has been observed in under develop and developing countries women are mostly effected by blindness. The data itself speak two out of three cases of blindness are observe in women. This year we hope to have illuminating and inspiring night. Attention of the speakers / experts or feature writer will be on how to reduce the intensity of this issue which is heavy or unbalanced  found especially among women.

“Call to Action” is the theme selected for World Sight Day 2016

The WSD & IABP affiliates and their members around the world in year 2016 will work together on the following points:

  • Create awareness among the public of blindness or vision impairment, which is one of the great threat and listed as public health issue worldwide.
  • We need to raise the noise level and exert pressure on the Ministry of Health (MOH). Whether it is at Federal or provincial or local body government to support the cause and allocate the funds for prevention of blindness and manage vision impairment. Ultimately to have more healthy and productive people within the community.
  • This is a universal issue which can be adjudged by the following fact and statistic. These facts needs to be used as tool and also as key messages.
  • Worldwide 300 million people approximately are surviving with blindness or living with vision impairment. Out of which nearly 40 million are blind and rest of which approximately 260 million falls in category of vision impairment it can be of mild or severe in nature.
  • Out of 40 million blind people 90% of them lives in underdeveloped countries especially which falls in low income category.
  • As reported 80% of visual impairment can be prevented and easy to treat if they are facilitated at right time.
  • What can be done is to educate the masses and especially the target audience, how to prevent blindness. We all need to spread strongly the key message of WSD “VISION 2020”.
  • Reinstatement or restoration of eye sight along with how to prevent blindness has achieved good results in current past. This was achieved due to active promotion and facilitating people in terms of treating them as per individual need. These were evidence base health care effectiveness which has produced much better desire results.


 In last 20 years the number of people suffering from eye infection leading to blindness has been greatly reduced.

The statistic speak it selves

Approximately 20 million children are suffering from visual impairment. In regard to adult suffering from visual impairment 65% people are age of 50 or above, which currently comprises of 20% world population. If we consider estimated world population of 2016 is 7.2 Billion than 20% will account to 1.44 Billion.

The global life span of the people has and are increasing, and this will increase the old age population. Which means more people will be at risk of visual impairment due to increase in ageing population.

 Stronger Together:

Worldwide Photographic competition with heading “Stronger together.” which means we fight for blindness together. It will be conducted by International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (normally refer as IABP)

World Sight Day (WSD) in collaboration IABP has set an objective with the focus theme of “VISION 2020”. This is a worldwide initiative.


All the programs and events will carry this message in all countries. These program of awareness and seminar are conducted by its members and also who support their cause of WSD in respective countries..

In year 2016 IABP invited worldwide photographers whether they are amateur or professional to join IABP to highlight the effect of eye health in human being lives. They invited photographers to participate in photography competition and share / send the photograph with focus on theme set by them “Stronger together”. This whole event of photographic competition for both categories for amateur and professional is sponsor and supported by Bayer Pharma. This activity will actively promote worldwide to support the cause of “VISION 2020”.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

About Mahmood Hussain

Professional Experience More than 36 years work experience in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectorDirector & General Manager Baby First (Pvt.) Ltd Pakistan March 2011 – till to date I have been associated with Baby First (Pvt) Ltd for more than 5 years. It is advisory, community and social interaction medium for parents 16-38 years and babies 0-6 years.General Manager Aga Khan Health Service Pakistasn December 2005 – December 2007 (2 years 1 month)Based at Karachi Pakistan Worked as General Manager managing Karachi & Baluchistan Health care services of AKHSP which includes primary and secondary health care centers and diagnostic centers on all areas nearly 102 centers which include three leading hospitals in Karachi.General Manager Janssen Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) February 1998 – January 2005 (7 years)Education MBA, Marketing 1995 – 1996, Preston University MSc, Biochemistry 1970 – 1974, Karachi University

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