World Osteoporosis Day to be observe on Thursday 20 October, 2016

World Osteoporosis Day 2016: Love your bones

For more detail information, please do visit the World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) website. The osteoporosis day is observe worldwide on 20th October every year since its inception in the year 2000. The awareness campaign and its theme is design for a year with focus on how to prevent, diagnose. If suffering from osteoporosis what is the treatment regime and how to manage? It is important what treatment is to be given in case of osteoporosis or metabolic bone diseases?

world osteoporosis day 2016

What is osteoporosis?

Development of Osteoporosis in people above age of 50 years which causes bones to become weak and fragile and due to it bone break easily. The breaking of bone even is a result of a minor fall, or bump, or with sudden jerk or abrupt movement. Fractures which may result due to osteoporosis may be life threatening.  It is also the cause of intense pain and long-term disability.

Overall aim is to work on bone, muscle and joints, to further strengthen or protect these.  Also working with the objective to bring it on world health agenda for good results.  This is with the help of health care experts and professionals. While observing WOD please do engage media either it is print, electronic and social / digital media to spread the key messages.

Thirdly gain support from government  mainly via Ministry of Health & general public.

 “Love Your Bones – protect your future” is the selected theme for year 2016.

  In 2016 while campaigning for World Osteoporosis Day we should focus to engage general public, with key message “Love Your Bone” and how to have healthy bones, joint and muscle. This will ensure quality of life and independence in coming future. We also need to engage government authorities and doctors to inform their people how they can protect their bones.

love your bones protect your future

Despite recent advances in treatment regime for osteoporosis still the great tragedy is lot of people suffering from osteoporosis still remain undiagnosed. If diagnosed they remain untreated and also issue of noncompliance of treatment regime prescribed by the consultant.  Patient do not follow the guideline and advices given by physcian.

Best way to bridge this gap by timely assessment of osteoporosis in individual. The physician first diagnose it, than treat it, if suffering from it. Physician prescribe appropriate drug and provide detail guideline for healthy living.  Also ask patient to do regular physical activity and take nutritious healthy diet.  If overweight work on how to bring it down it to recommended level and manage it with in BMI range.

 Prevalence of Osteoporosis

The data shows approximately 9.0 million fractures annually are due to osteoporosis. Which means 3 fractures are reported every second worldwide. Osteoporosis effect 200 million women on this planet. Out of which 10% are of age range 60-69 years, 20% ae in range of 70-79 years and rest approximately 66% above the age of 80 years.

One out of 3 women who attain the age of 50 and above will have osteoporosis fracture.

osteoporosis awareness prevention facts

In male population around the world 20% male above the age of 50 will experience osteoporosis fracture.

Worldwide life expectancy has improved remarkably within last 30 years, which means increase in ageing population. This ratio of people suffering from osteoporosis and reported fracture will further rise until or unless any break through treatment regime is invented. Secondly if improvement in compliance is observe.

What we stated above which means Osteoporosis is great economic and social burden in the society, and increases stay time in hospital due to fracture incidences.

If we consider total life time risk of fracture of hip, forearm and vertebra which is due to this disease this comes around 40% in term clinical attention and it is equivalent to cardiovascular risk.

wod 2016 love your bones

Survey conducted International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) in 11 countries reflects the act and habit of denial after the menopausal syndrome in women is observed. They are mostly not willing to talk about osteoporosis development with their doctor. This ultimately restrict or delay to diagnose and treat it before having their first fracture. Still two problem one is the women above of 50 is underdiagnoses, second is under treated due to lack of information or communication by patient. It is very difficult to assess and treat due to un clear communication.  Another issue is of noncompliance by the patient which further aggravate the situation.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

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