World Heart Day 29th September 2016 | Power your life

Have a healthy heart to enjoy your life

On this special day as announced by World Heart Federation, we the Baby First Pakistan will try to provide brief information why it is important to have a Healthy Heart. While collecting valuable information our aim was how to further educate our readers and followers, on how to have healthy heart and enjoy Quality Of Life. (QOL). Secondly very important how to protect our heart from various cardiovascular and associated diseases.


Heart is the vital organ

Heart is the vital organ of our body. Which carries out normal and healthy function of the body. This year of 2016 the world heart day theme provided by World Heart Federation is “Power Your Life”.

Heart of human being is just the size of fist, it is a hollow muscular organ. The function of heart, it is a pumping station. Heart pumps the pure blood to all part of the body by artery accept the lungs where it takes impure or deoxygenated blood to be purified. Whereas veins link to heart bring back impure or deoxygenated blood to heart accept pulmonary vein which bring pure blood or oxygenated blood to heart for onward supply to entire body.


Heart beats rate average 

Heart keeps our body alive and agile. Normal healthy Heart beats 72 times per minutes which means it pumps out 70ml blood per beat that is approximately 5 liter per minute. If we consider per day beats it comes to 100,000 beat per day.

As per report reviewed in September 2016 by WHO on Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) mentioned following facts:

Heart disease or scientifically refer as CVDs is number one cause of death worldwide

As per available data, during the year of 2012 it is estimated 17.5 million people died from CVDs. This means 31% of total death reported globally. If we consider and segregate CVDs death which means approximately 55% were due to coronary heart disease and the rest 45% by stroke.


The sad part of the story is 75% of CVDs deaths reported from low and middle income countries, our region of SARRC fall in this category of low income group such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Maldives.

The incidence of cardiovascular disease can be controlled or reduce by taking care of the following stern measure:

  • Curb the use of tobacco by simple measures, prohibit the smoking and penalize for spitting Beatles and guttka in public places, such as parks, play areas, bus stops, train stations etc.
  • Avoid unhealthy diet and eat in small portion.
  • Maintain and watch your weight and avoid to be overweight and having obesity.
  • Devote your daily 45 minutes at least 5 days a week for physical activities such as brisk walk, swimming, cycling, jogging and may be weight lifting or physical exercise.

People who are suffering from heart or vascular disease or who are likely to fall in this category, this may be due the high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol or triglyceride level. This means they are people who are at more risk. These symptoms or condition need to be detected at early stage. Properly to be taken care by the physician via counselling to modify the life style for healthy living. To take regular medicine as prescribed by the doctor as per need.

Unhealthy diet lead to heart disease

What has been observed by physicians the reason of heart attack or stroke is likely to be due to the presence of one or more risk factors?  These are use of unhealthy diet, overweight / obesity, raised blood sugar level (diabetes) hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia, use of tobacco / cigarette , physically inactive life and use of alcohol in regular fashion.

To avoid or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke, it is necessary to reduce the salt intake in your food, regularly eat fruit and vegetables, if you are consuming tobacco such as cigarette, shhesha or hooka please immediately Stop Smoking.  If using oral form of tobacco such as beatles, gutka, sheesha, hooka and supari kindly Stop Consuming these immediately. If consuming alcohol please do avoid it.


If we practice and follow above advices this will reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and you will enjoy quality and healthy life.

Beside these, if suffering from any metabolic disorder such as diabetes, high levels of lipid contents (high cholesterol, triglyceride or ratio of LDL and HDL is not appropriate), hypertension, drug treatment or regime should be followed as per advice of the physician. The proper use of medicine for any of the above conditions will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in terms of heart attack or stroke.

The responsibility of the government and Health Department is to create awareness and facilitate their people in regard to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Their responsibility is guide them to make healthy choices with in affordable prices. Also motivate people to look for healthy and quality of life style and to be more productive in the society.

There are variable factors which results in understanding the cause of Cardiovascular  diseases which is on rise especially in Pakistan which is rated as under develop country. The rise in the incidence are due to social, economic and cultural changes in evolving society. Secondly due to globalization, increase in ageing population and mass urbanization. Beside above two factors further risk factors are aggravating the incidence of CVDs are stress, tension, rise in poverty level and also contributing factors is hereditary.

Article Written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan


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