Water is Essential for Our Quality of Life

Water is H2O a very simple molecule which contains two atom of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. This is one of the most essential elements after air for health and quality of life.

water is essential for our quality of life

It is essential for normal function of the body on day to day basis. The human anatomy & physiology can’t function without adequate supply (1.5 -2.5 liter per day) of water per day to the body.

Presence of aqua in our body makes 2/3 of body weight. It is essential for life and without it we can survive for few days. Our vital organ of the body such as brain comprises of 96% water, lung 90% and even blood comprise of 92% it.

In our body even 2% drop in water may lead to dehydration, short term memory loss, trouble in math’s, may also lead in difficulty in focusing on small print and computer screen.

If mild dehydration persist for day may lead to day time fatigue.

It is advisable to maintain water level of body by drinking require amount of it with interval. This may provide required energy to perform day time function.

Water regulates our body temperature.

water regulates our body temperature

Our body water plays important role in controlling and regulating body temperature.

Overheating can be control through perspiration through sweat glands beneath the skin result in the form of evaporation which produces cooling effect.

While in cold environment the body skin maintain body temperature by shunting the blood away from outer surface, which result in conserving heat with in the body.

Its regulation & movement in our cellular system also help in transporting vital blood plasma which comprise of 92% of water and this regulate our body pH, osmotic balance & circulating antibodies which is essential in maintaining body temperature

It removes waste & toxin from the body.

baby drinking water

With the help of water our body removes waste and toxin from our body via urination and sweetening.

It helps in regulating bowel movements in our stomach. This will result in churning of the food and remove waste quickly and regularly.

Water intake also helps in reducing constipation.

If dehydration persists or it becomes regular feature result in waste build up. This may also cause headache, illness and toxic waste build up.

By drinking regularly recommended clean water will able to reduce burden kidney and liver by removing waste products from the body.

Importance of drinking clean water for Health

Importance of drinking clean water for Health

Aqua is highly important component of our body. Due to its important role in regulating our body function, the quality of the water is as essential to life as the quantity of its require in the body. What is recommended is drinking this essential liquid should be clean and hygienic for quality of life and wellness.

Clean and safe drinking water, regular exercise, balance diet creates positive and healthy outlook in life

It plays important role in transporting nutrition and oxygen in the body via blood. The blood is mode of transportation which consists of 92% water. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the entire body via capillaries. It is for nourishment of cells as well as removes waste and excretory material from each cell of the body.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain dated 15 January 2016 for Baby First website and facebook.

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