Vitamin D is essential for healthy living.

Vitamin D is essential for healthy living.

“Vitamin D deficiency can be a silent killer”. With the headline, an article appeared in Khaleej Times on 26th June 2017. This is an alarming situation which needs to be the focus and taken care for the healthy living.

By Mahmood Hussain 14th September 2017 for and Baby First Pakistan as well for social media such as Facebook/babyfirstpk, LinkedIn, Twitter and other media.

Require Vitamin D level is essential for the body to function normally.

An adequate level of it helps in absorption of calcium, which promotes bone growth and maintains good and healthy teeth.

The right amount of Vitamin D is highly crucial, this aids in the absorption of calcium. The calcium as we know is the building block for human bones.

Too little level Vitamin D in the body will result in soft bones among children and the disease which may arise in children is known as Rickets.

In adult’s due to vitamin D deficiency, the bones become fragile or brittle and this condition is term as osteomalacia, it is caused by diminished or reduced metabolism of bone. This is due to inadequate levels of phosphate, calcium and Vitamin D available in the body or which may be due to resorption of calcium in the circulatory system.

Function of vitamin D. 

Vitamin D stimulates intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorous. This is achieved by stimulating and mobilization of bone calcium.  It also increases the reabsorption of calcium in the distal convoluted tubule (DCT) of the kidney. The (DCT) is a portion of kidney nephron.

Regarding Vitamin D utility and its benefits, there are misunderstanding and negligence.

Due to this deficiency, which leads to greater health risk among the population. We all need to have adequate exposure to Sun during day time. With the increase in living standard, luxury life and comforts, the exposure to the sun light is diminishing to the individual. This will lead to lifelong complication and affects vital organs of the body which are listed below.

The deficiency of vitamin D may lead to various disease or problem such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Raised cholesterol level
  • Tooth and gum disease.
  • Liver and kidney disease.
  • It may aggravate asthma and wheezing symptom.
  • Neurological and psychological symptoms are also observed if deficiency persists.This affects the cognitive functions, impairment and loss of memory and schizophrenia.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome commonly refers by the physician as PMS.


In the articles of Khaleej Times, Dr. Jimmy Joseph, internal medicine specialist at University Hospital states it is very common to observe vitamin D deficiency among UAE population because of their sedentary life style and avoid exposure to the sun light. Most of the inhabitants lack the right amount of exposure to the sun. The exposure to Sun is essential to maintain adequate vitamin D in the body. This is needed for healthy living.

Now days use of Sun Screen is increasing.  Its application is recommended by doctors and especially the Dermatologists, it has its own utility.  It is very important to protect your skin with sun block when going out, but it is also very much needed to leave your skin without sunscreen. The exposure to sun should be for short duration in a day. It is known fact that Sunscreen prevents Vitamin D absorption from the skin.

As further mentioned in the report by Dr. Anita Gupta the dietician at Burjeel Hospital in UAE. She said we need to spend some time outside without sunscreen cover and taking supplements to meet the body need of vitamin D.  Besides it this need can be achieved by readily available foods which contain a good amount of Vitamin D. These should be in our regular daily use. Below are list such as


  • Milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Cereals.


Vitamin D is also found in small amount in commonly used food such as fish which are tuna, maceral, sardines, herring (these are silvery color fish have a single dorsal fin, which is soft, without spines). To meet the daily need of Vitamin D this can be achieved by dairy products which are the reliable source, also by juices, beef liver, egg yolks and cereals. Further, endorse and stressed again 80-90% of body need is fully filled by exposure to sunlight. In our SARRC region especially Indo-Pakistan where nearly 25% of world populations lives, sun light is abundantly available during day time.

Vitamin D is also available in form of medicine and drinkable ampoules which can prescribe by doctors and as well monitor its level through laboratory investigation.

Role of vitamin D for healthy life.

Vitamin D helps in regulation of mineral in the body such as calcium and phosphorous, which is found in our body. This is also important for maintaining and managing the proper bone structure and its formation in the human being.

Exposure to the sun is a reliable source of vitamin D, which is abundantly available during day time in our region the SARRC region, Middle East, and Asia Pacific region.  We can expose our face, hand, arms and legs to sunlight for 1-2 hours a day for 2-3 times per week. In initial time to expose to the sun can give minor sunburn. This exposure will aid in producing enough of vitamin D. The exposure time varies in individual this is to be regulated with age, the seasonal variation, type of skin individual has and at what time of the day body is exposed to the sun. and so on.

Importance of Sun light for vitamin D synthesis.

This has been noted how quickly the needed level of vitamin D can be restored by exposure to sunlight as per daily recommendation. If a body is exposed for a week without applying sunscreen can build up vitamin D require level, which is achieved in 7 weeks with no exposure to sunlight. Body fats act like a storage house for fats and this is release when not exposed to sunlight.

People of old age are at more risk of vitamin D deficiency. The reason is they are spending less time as compared to recommended time in the sun. With the growing age, their skin has less receptors which convert sunlight to vitamin D.  Their change in dietary habit or less appetite will lead to vitamin D deficiency. This has also been observed in old age if the right amount of diet is given to them but they had trouble in absorbing it. As reported by scientist and researchers of the USA and Canada risk of vitamin deficiency above the age of 65 years is very high. This has been noted by them, nearly 40% of old age people even living in the Sunny area of USA have not sufficient level of vitamin D.

Vitamin D supplement is needed for older people.

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