Vaccination of child is essential and good for the health of the baby.


Vaccination of child is essential and good for the health of the baby.

With effective vaccination/immunization, the rate mortalities under the age of 5 have reduced drastically worldwide. 

Clean water and effective vaccination have transformed human life within last 5 decades.          

By Mahmood Hussain, Monday 21st January 2018, write articles and blogs to be published in & BABYFIRST.COM.PK / BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and will also appear on Facebook/babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. The writer is from Karachi, Pakistan Currently he is in Philadelphia, USA.

Availability of clean water and vaccination has improved the quality of life among the children as well as the adult of all age group. This was stated in a seminar by Professor Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Billoo a leading Pakistani pediatric endocrinologist, at Aga Khan University & Hospital, Karachi where he has served as professor of clinical pediatrics. The seminar was attended by me in the year 2015

These two innovations have drastically reduced the death/mortality rate in below the 5 years children. Achieving mostly the standard set by Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and now by Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria still have to put more efforts and increase their coverage to meet the rest of the country standards


The child when receiving the vaccine, which means the big step for the mankind.

Immunization to the population is a blessing for the worldwide population.

The moment child receives the vaccination, this means we should be thankful to Almighty and in real terms observe and deserve the celebration for securing the healthy life of the child. In real term immunization is the victory of civilization against diseases which previously (20 to 40 years back) has affected thousands of people within the community many times.


As per update by WHO in January 2018 regarding the use of vaccination spread worldwide.

Below are the recent update and the facts regarding immunization spread worldwide


  • Immunization (Vaccination) of the child will prevent baby from illness, disability and death.
  • Proper and timely vaccination has resulted in preventing child from diphtheria, hepatitis, measles, mumps, polio, pertussis (means whooping cough), cervical cancer, pneumonia, rotavirus diarrhea, tetanus and rubella,
  • Worldwide coverage of vaccination is currently at the level of 88% since last few years.
  • Worldwide overall awareness has increased of vaccination, which resulted in uptake of vaccine which is either of old traditional vaccine and also for new inclusion such as Hepatitis pneumococcal vaccine and more in near future.
  • The overall increase in vaccination/immunization to the babies has prevented 2-3millions death annually. With the increase and improve in coverage will further reduce the death rate by estimated 1.5miillion annually.
  • Currently, facts updated by WHO in January 2018 which states estimated 20.0 million infants are still without basic vaccines, and these are living in the underdeveloped country especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Polio is now mostly eradicated from the world, but the very sad news still polio cases are reported only from three countries i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan. and Nigeria.


During the year 2017 Polio case breakdown in three countries as well as figures for the year 2016 (figures reported within bracket are for 2016)

Detail posted on 15th November 2017 by Rotary District 5730 of Texas with having the headline “polio eradication update” for the week ending 11th November 2017.

Endemic Countries

5 Pakistan (20), 9 Afghanistan (13), 0 Nigeria (4)

2017 Recommended Immunization schedule for children from the day of Birth to 6 years issued by Center Disease Control (CDC), American Association of Pediatric (AAC) & American Academy of Family Physicians

Please refer attach word file to read recommended immunization schedule


picture 2017 Recommended Immunization schedule for children from the day of Birth to 6 years


At BirthOne monthTwo monthsFour monthsSix months Twelve monthsFifteen monthsEighteen months19 -23 months2-3 year4-6 years
Hep BHep B  Hep B      
    Influenza (yearly)
     MMR   MMR
     Varicella   Varicella
     Hep A  


  shaded boxes indicate the vaccine can be given during the indicated period


Important to note: If the child misses a vaccine shot, no need to worry a lot.  Please visit the baby doctor to have the next shot. Please do talk to the baby’s doctor if any question in your mind,

Important to note, two doses are given at least with the gap of four weeks if the child is 6 months old till the child attained age of 8 years who are receiving a first-time influenza vaccine that is Flu vaccine and caution to exercise for other children.

For HepA vaccine, two vaccines shot are needed for effective and lasting coverage. 1st dose to be given between age of 12 and 23 months and 2nd dose of HepA needs to be given later after a gap of 6 to 23 months.

The HepA vaccine to be given at the age of 12 months or older to protect them from HapA. If for any reason child was not immunized for HepA and grew older, is at risk, recommended he or she should be vaccinated for HepA immediately to make safe person from Hepatitis A,


Reduction of Incidence of the disease since the introduction of vaccine after world war II.

Diphtheria        100.0%

Pertussis            96.6%

Hepatitis B         83.9%

Polio                   99.8%

Small Pox          100.0%

Measles               99.9%

Mumps                97.4%

Tetanus               96.6%

Rubella                99.9%

Chicken Pox         87.2%


*Source of above-mentioned information is by Sandra Roush and Trudy Murphy. The historical comparison of morbidity and mortality for vaccine-preventable disease, published in 2007. Now the picture in the year 2017 has been much improved with the inclusion of more invention of the new vaccine to protect from other diseases such as a Pneumococcal vaccine, HepA, Flu vaccine, meningococcal vaccine and so on.

Summary and outline on Immunization.

WHO fact sheet on effective immunization reviewed in the current month January 2018 which further highlight, Immunization has prevented nearly 2 to 3 million deaths per year from tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), measles and diphtheria. This report mentioned that further 1.5million life can be saved if we improve worldwide coverage of immunization.  For last few years global vaccination coverage in terms of percentage is stagnant. In the year 2016 nearly 86% infants globally that is approximately 117 million were immunized with three doses of DTP3 that is the vaccine of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. This means protecting children from infectious disease, that may cause serious illness, disability and can cause death. In the year 2016 to a certain extent good and effective immunization of 90% was achieved in 130 countries for DTP3 immunization.

Still, child immunization and protecting them fully that is the target of 98 to 99% is still a dream now. But we are very sure the journey is long but sooner or later we will achieve 100% immunization target in all 192 countries globally.

My special thanks to GAVI, GATES foundation, MDG, SDG, WHO, CDC UNICEF and many more NGOs who are pitting their best effort to save the life of all children by effective immunization who are below the age of 5 years.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media

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