Significance of Proper Hand Washing Daily

Facts about global hand washing day

If we trace back the history, it reveals 1st Global hand washing Day was observed in the year 2008. On the day of 15th October, 2008 more than 200 million children washed their hand with soap around the world. This activity was held and recorded in 70 countries globally at that time.


Observe 15th October as Global Hand Washing Day worldwide

From this date and year 2008 onward the handwashing Day was regularly observed in all five continents. Good news is that this program of Global Handwashing Day was supported by the community, national leader and celebrities. This has led to spread the word about hand washing around the world. Secondly this led to practically demonstrate how easily we can clean our hand and what’s it significance in our daily and routine healthy living.

From 2008 onward this day was observed each year worldwide in more than 100 countries in which more than 200 million people participate.

Now the Global Handwashing day is fully supported and endorsed by general public specially the children, Government, civil societies, NGOs, celebrities, the corporates and organizations.

 The Global Handwashing Day is worldwide observed each year on 15th October with full zeal and zest. All the activities are held with an objective to increase awareness and make understand the importance of proper handwashing along with soap each time in a day.

This is an easy and effective method to prevent infection which means safeguard ourselves from infection and even safe lives. This method is economical and highly effective

 Make Hand Washing a Habit

The theme for the year 2016 on Global Hand Washing Day is “Make Hand Washing a Habit”.


To learn proper and effective hand washing technique this must be practice routinely and on day to day basis regularly. This means hand washing technique to be practice regularly, such as after using toilet and before or after we come in contact with food or eat food with our hand which is common practice in Indo-Pakistan. This is to be term as habit and the hand washing should be practice as per advice by expert on day to day basis. The guideline / technique to be practice as ritual for long terms effectiveness and to provide protection against germs.

This day was founded and flourished with the collaboration of Global Public-Private partnership for hand washing. This has clear objective and working with the mission to design, test and demonstrate method of proper hand washing. Secondly also to promote and encourage people to wash their hand with soap at needed and critical times while during the entire day.

Hand washing Day is designed to:

  • To teach technique to the people and especially children.
  • We fully support to develop the culture of hand washing with soap.
  • Raise awareness globally in respect to the benefits of proper hand washing with soap.


This year on Friday morning of October 14th children from all over USA are trying to set world record of handwashing at the same time. They will also to register in Guinness world record that highest number of school going children washing their hands at given time. This fun activity will demonstrate, endorse, enforce and nurture a culture of proper handwashing along with soap.  This habit formation will be the most effective way and also economical method to prevent infection which may appear in the form diarrhea, stomach upset and chest infection such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

The basic principal applied for hand washing along with soap is universal. Hand washing with soap is listed as the most effective and inexpensive method to prevent us from infection. Whereas mostly still people wash their hands with water only. It is noted very few people wash their hand with soap and water after they use toilet, before and after eating or handling food and cleaning baby.

Proper hand washing in routine practice will prevent the death especially among the children below 5 years from diarrhea and chest infection such as bronchitis and pneumonia.   It is reported each year more than 3.5 million children die before they reach the age of 5 years. It is due to the incidence of diarrhea and pneumonia. The incidence of these infection can be prevented if we adopt the habit and teach people to properly wash their hands along with soap. This will ensure save most of the children life. The fact is still opposite till to date.

We all have to work effectively in the communities to promote proper hand washing with soap


Universal challenge:

Till to date the real challenge is to make a routine of washing hands with soap among the masses. Idea is excellent but it needed to be transform and practically adopted. It should become a universal habit whether we are at work, home, in school, in family or community gathering.

Promoting actively the concept of proper handwashing would make all of us to set our objectives of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) by 2030.  Ultimate objective is to make this planet more live able and healthy for all inhabitants.  Very important is to reduce the incidence of child mortality by half in case of child suffering diarrhea and pneumonia.

We all should actively work to mobilize the available resource with the objective to educate people to properly wash their hands with soap for two minutes, whenever its need is felt, which has been discussed in detail in the above paragraphs.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

About Mahmood Hussain

Professional Experience More than 36 years work experience in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectorDirector & General Manager Baby First (Pvt.) Ltd Pakistan March 2011 – till to date I have been associated with Baby First (Pvt) Ltd for more than 5 years. It is advisory, community and social interaction medium for parents 16-38 years and babies 0-6 years.General Manager Aga Khan Health Service Pakistasn December 2005 – December 2007 (2 years 1 month)Based at Karachi Pakistan Worked as General Manager managing Karachi & Baluchistan Health care services of AKHSP which includes primary and secondary health care centers and diagnostic centers on all areas nearly 102 centers which include three leading hospitals in Karachi.General Manager Janssen Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) February 1998 – January 2005 (7 years)Education MBA, Marketing 1995 – 1996, Preston University MSc, Biochemistry 1970 – 1974, Karachi University

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