Vaccine and Immunization: Significance of Vaccination

Parents around the globe will always have one thing in common, wanting the best for their child. They are ever protecting, but would always prioritize one thing; the health of their kid. Their wishes for an ever healthy protected life for their children became possible by the use of vaccine for immunizing their baby against infectious diseases and secondly also clean drinking water for good growth and health.

vaccine and immunization significance of vaccination

Millions of life has been saved; countless cases of infectious diseases were prevented & are possible to treat since vaccines have been brought in use. With timely / proper vaccination now we can prevent from polio, measles, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), rubella (German measles), mumps, tetanus, rotavirus and Haemophilus influenza, type b (Hib), meningitis, Flu and many more . If prior to occurrence & timely vaccination is given against specific diseases than individuals are prevented, with this may save a great deal of time, money and most importantly a life.

First vaccine was discovered more than two hundred years ago (1796) by Edward Jennifer an English doctor. After the discovery of small pox vaccine it saved approximately 9 million lives a year worldwide. Up till now this can be claim, society has been protected against one disease that is small pox. It has also safe’s valuable human life every year.

Next target is of polio to be eradicated from global society very soon.  More than 80% of the children are now being immunized and protected against the polio virus. In 1980 polio case reported was 400,000 and with effective measures it was reduce to 90,000 in mid of ninety. Now in year 2016 polio with effective immunization it has been mostly and nearly eradicated, with the exception of Pakistan & Afghanistan. Where as in Nigeria till 2014 few cases were reported but in 2015 and so far no polio case were detected.


Currently most of the vaccine currently is in use since last fifteen years provided effective immunization to the majority of children world-wide. With the initiative of GAVI, WHO, UNICEF and enforcing by the each country government it is estimated we are saving 3 million live each year.

A newly born naturally receives the immune system from its mother, but it goes away within a year, leaving their immunity weak and newborn may be expose to vulnerable infectious disease. At this stage an un-vaccinated child is vulnerable to specific diseases and allows these vaccine-preventable diseases to enter their body. That is why giving recommended vaccines to neonate and baby by WHO in the early phases of life in year 1-2 is as important as getting a regular checkup and eating healthy just so one could lead a healthy lifestyle.

Below we have outlined few and rather significant importance of using vaccine:

  • Saving your child’s life form early vaccination: Diseases and infection which were once feared by community vast cause of death in children, by now these have been eradicated completely and other diseases that pose a threat to the lives of young children are now on the verge of becoming eliminated from society. Due to proper and timely vaccination a long and healthy life with strong immune system something parents wouldn’t deny for their kids, is what vaccines ensure.
  • Prevents the spread of these diseases: Even after the vast uses of vaccines there are still cases of deaths being caused by vaccine-preventable disease still noted worldwide. The population that do not receive vaccination due to certain conditions such as weakened immune system or allergic reaction or infants who were too young to be vaccinated, resulting in their deaths. Getting fully immunized earlier could prevent getting caught by disease later in life, and could also be beneficial in breaking the chain of the contagious diseases. One’s baby / person sickness could risk others health too.
  • Keeping your child healthy: vaccines are considered as the most appropriate care measures available now days. Its use has a vast impact on the overall health of a child; it can advance once health just the way good food and exercises leads to quality of life. Infections can be prevented throughout one’s life, less vulnerability from long lasting and fatal diseases.


Effective and safe: Vaccines which are brought in use have not been neglected by the government. Certain measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the world population especially in young babies. We should be thankful to WHO, Unicef and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine & Immunization) Alliance (NGO). GAVI is the Vaccine Alliance work by route of public-private worldwide health partnership.

They are fully committed to increasing access to immunization in poor countries. It was founded in January 2000 by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Their mission: is to save children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access the use of vaccines in lower-income countries.

  • The surveillance systems being managed worldwide, their effectiveness and safety can no longer be doubted. Among other essential medicines, vaccines are also term as safe and effective with having minimal side effects.
  • Saving the expense: As eradicating the diseases remains the sole target, government does not charge the supplies of vaccines making it easy for ever other person to utilize it completely. Whereas the vaccine-preventable diseases if left unimmunized, they would not only be dreadful for the health but would also be very expensive and time costly to be handled. It will increase burden in the society.
Written & adapted by: Mahmood Hussain

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