Safe drinking water regularly is good for health.

Safe drinking water regularly is good for health.

It is highly important and essential to drink clean and safe water.

By Mahmood Hussain 16th October 2017, the article and blog are written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn.  Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is currently in Philadelphia USA.

Consuming needed amount of water by the body is important for healthy living, here I will say

“water is life”.  پانی سے زندگی ھے

Water is necessary for life.

Water makes about 60% body weight in male and in the female, it is 55%.  In elderly people water content is around 45-50%, In young children and infants, water is 70-80%.

The individual need of water consumption varies from individual to individual. Consumption is dependent on the age, health issues, physical activities, and environmental conditions.

In moderate and mild climate conditions. 2.7 to 3,2 liter of water consumption per day is sufficient for women and men. During physical exercise and exposure to hot weather result in excessive sweetening which means loss of water from the body. Which results in thirst and trigger to drink more water. If doing physical activity in hot and humid climate than water consumption may go up to 6 liters per day or more dependent on activity.

If we look at the recommendation of European Food Safety Authority they recommend consumption of 2.5 liters per day for men and 2.0 liter per day for women.

If we look at the data of United States of America, they recommend 3.7 liters of water per day for male adult and 2.7 liters for adult women. Water is the best source with zero calorie but people meet this level by drinking water, beverages such as tea, coffee, colas, sodas and food rich in water contents.

The water consumption of individual is dependent on his / her daily engagement and activities

It is important and be sure to drink clean and safe water for healthy living.

Overall fresh water is a scared resource. Total 2.8% is the fresh water, which is mainly used for drinking, full filing people other needs especially for cooking, irrigation and cultivating the land. This available amount is fit for human consumption.

We know overall water covers 71% of the earth’s surface.  Only 2.8% is available as fresh water so use it very judicially and do conserve water for meeting other people needs.

To meet the daily need of water by the individual, they consume fluids in shape of plain water, tea, coffee, sherbet and other beverages. They consume water or beverages when they feel thirsty and when eating meals.  Besides these sources, we also get water in some quantity from the food we eat or drink, such as soup, milk, liquid lentil’s (پتلی دال), cucumber, tomato, green salad, melons, celery and so on. They all help in meeting the daily water intake needs.

Water does the following functions, such as:

  • Regulates the body temperature via skin especially during the hot and sunny season.
  • Body temperature is regulated via sweating.
  • Water helps in circulating and distributing micronutrients to the entire body tissue.
  • Water in the body act as the transportation system and it is important when we are dehydrating.
  • It lubricates and provides cushion the bone joints.
  • Water aid in protecting the spinal cord and other vital organs of the body.
  • It helps in excretion of waste and toxic materials from the body via urination. This is also done via perspiration and due to movement of the bowel.

The human body is composed of approximately average 60%water. This means when we sweat, our body is dehydrated to a certain extent. This may be due to hot and sizzling summer weather or in case of physical activities such as cardiac workout. We need to replenish our body with water to perform the normal function on daily basis. 

Water consumption increases in the following condition       

  • Hot and sunny season.
  • Having fever
  • In case of diarrhea or vomiting or suffering from vomiting and diarrhea both at the same time.
  • Engage in physical activity and doing work out.

 Drink water in right amount on daily basis is good for health. The plain drinking water has no calories. This habit of drinking regular plain water will also help in managing body weight and keep control on calorie intake.  If we consume and use in place of water such as cold drink which is rich in calories, sherbet rich in sugar and fizzy or sparkling or effervescent drinks can be harmful to the body. Dehydration can be also prevented by water intake, if severe dehydration is not properly managed, this may lead to the mood swing, delirium, dizziness, lethargy, constipation and may also affect the kidney function.

During and after physical activity or tired of long work hour, a glass of cool water refreshes you in the best way. Water is an essential ingredient of our life. Body constitutes mainly of water as well as of the earth. It has been advised by the doctors and our seniors to drink a lot of water on every day. Water regulates our body function, it aids in digestion, lubricating our joints, bones, muscle and in the formation of fresh blood. We can’t even think or dream of life without water

All age group human being of either sex must drink water on daily basis.

Adults and youth should consume water every day.

Daily fluid intake (total water) is defined as the amount of water consumed from foods, plain drinking water, and consumption of beverages and tea. Daily fluid intake recommendations vary by age, sex, pregnancy, and breastfeeding status.

Although there is no specific recommendation regarding how much plain water adults and youth should drink daily. There are no specific recommendations for daily liquid intake such as water or which can be obtained from a variety of beverages and foods.

Although daily fluid intake level can also come from food and beverages rest assure plain drinking water is one of the best ways in getting fluids which have zero calories.

Plain water consumption varies by age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and behavioral characteristics.

Nature has provided fresh water and is the greatest blessing to the human being

Availability data on Fresh drinking water.  As reported in the year 2015, 91% people have access to water which is suitable for human consumption. Tap water connection at home is the most common, it provides water to nearly 4.2 billion inhabitants. That comes to 50%. Nearly 2.4 billion people (which translate into 28%) meet their need either by wells or public tap.

Remaining 1.8 billion population (22%) consume drinking water which is unsafe. Mostly these are contaminated due to the mixing of sewerage lines and due to fecal contamination.

Due to consumption of unsafe drinking water by these population is still a big problem. Population in these vicinities suffer commonly from diarrhea which is caused due to bacterial contamination. Other bacterial infection also persists such as typhoid and cholera in this type of areas worldwide. This is big burden on the society in terms of finance and productivity of individual

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