Ramadan Kareem. Tips for healthy eating during Ramadan falling in sizzling summer.

Ramadan Kareem. Tips for healthy eating during Ramadan falling in sizzling summer.

رمضان کریم مبارک

During the summer season in May, June & July, the duration of fast is much longer.  Fasting period range between 14 to 17 hours per day during the daytime at different geographic locations.

By Mahmood Hussain, Monday 26th May 2018, write articles and blogs to be published in www.babyfirst.com.pk & BABYFIRST.COM.PK / BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and also appear on Facebook/babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. The writer is from Karachi, Pakistan.

From 2014 t0 2020 Ramadan is and will be falling in these months. In the SARRC and middle East Region where the mostly Muslim population lives, the temperature is at the highest level and the sun is boiling.

Long fasting hours and extremely hot weather which means extra preparation and to have to know how what to eat during non-fasting hours in the month of Ramadan. We need to remain healthy and fit within this holy month,

During the non-fasting hours, the person needs to take good and nutrient-rich food. These varieties of foods provide the necessary energy during long fasting hours in sizzling summer weather which is now a day. In our region Pakistan now, a day (that is the month of May) in its most part that is Karachi, Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan where the temperature is ranging between 40-45 degree Celsius during the day when their most of the people are fasting.

Below mentioning few of the tips for healthy eating within the short permitted time during the month of Ramadan refer as from Maghreb prayer time till just before Sehr time. During this duration, the food and drinks are consumed.

Eat mostly the freshly prepared cooked food. Avoid fried, processed and junk food.

The processed, fried and junked foods are convenient but mostly they are term as unhealthy and rich food. They may contain high fructose syrup used to enhance flavor and aroma. They may contain the high content of salt and rich in oil.

It is good and healthy to eat at home, the fresh items and healthy cooked food at the time of Iftar and Sehr and if you are busy then, within the market healthy food options are readily available. Secondly do consume fresh fruits, yogurt, boiled egg, fresh fruit juice, water and dates to open your fast and satisfy your long hour hunger and thirst.

The fast and junk foods such as chips, candies, samosa, roll, pakora, jalebi they are mostly heavy and highly rich which is not good for health. They are devoid of nutrients and recommended to avoid using these foods item.

Eat mostly as well as the shop within your area the fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products such as milk for sherbet, yogurt directly as well lassi. These items when we consume we feel light, fresh and healthy.

Avoid White foods, they are bad for the health.

Keep yourself and family away from four white foods. These are White Bread made up of white flour (Maida), white sugar, salt and white rice.

The white bread which is sold very commonly as well as consume regularly / daily by the people. While loaves of bread are made from white flour, during the process it loses its nutrition value.

The same is applied to cooking rice and the white sugar we use routinely.

It is good for health to choose and use whole grain or multigrain bread or chakki Atta roti or chapati. The same applies to brown rice even organic and basmati rice.

During iftar and Seher consume foods that hydrate our body.

During the year 2015 to 2020, the month of Ramadan will fall in hot and sizzling summer. The area such as SARRC and the Middle East where the majority of world Muslim lives.  During extremely hot weather when we are fasting our body being dehydrated during the day. In summer the fasting period is prolonged and it lasts 13-17 hours during the day. After opening fast, we all need food that contains more water and refresh our body, It is difficult to consume a lot of watermelon, sherbet, lassi or chilled water despite they are hydrating. We need to eat healthy and nourishing food. Dates are also a good source of fiber and nutrition. We can consume and prepare fruit juices or smoothie, vegetables or soup with healthy and nutritious ingredients as well as hydrating. These foods can be taken at both times of Sehr and Iftar. My recommendation is to adding yogurt in Sehr.

Limit the use tea or coffee though they are very hydrating.

Limit the use of carbohydrate and starchy food.

Limited and control use of carbs are needed for the body. We too are fond of it as filler item such as pasta, potato, rice, bread but their use should be limited during the month of Ramadan. As we all know the carbohydrate are finally converted to sugar. Along with carbohydrate consume also protein for the balanced diet and these protein-rich are beans, meat, fish and eggs.

Keep away from traditional fried and sugar products.

Please try to refrain as much as possible from fried foods such as samosa, pakora, rolls, jalebi. We all like them and highly tempting because of their aroma and taste. These fried foods are prepared by dipping in oil and mostly they are heavy and difficult to digest.  Fried foods are traditional, and they are mostly consumed in our region as first food taken after the long hour of fasting this year also. This lead to heavy and feeling of fullness. It is also important to avoid consuming sweats within the short span of permitted time to eat food and drink.  If having craving for sweat than go for fruits which are sweeter, pure honey or brown sugar or sugar cane in small quantity to satisfy your urge.


Writing this article with the objective is the Rozaydar روزۓ دار are blessed during the month of Ramadan and entire year. We all live with health, peace, and prosperity. Amen


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media

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