Ramadan Fitness Plan: Maintain diet & physical activity

 Holy Month of Ramadan is approaching; this will be observed by approximately 1.7 billion Muslim population of the world. This year of 2016, the month of Ramadan will fall mainly for three weeks in June and last 6 or 7 days in July. The month of June and July are hottest month in most of Muslim population area.

In Pakistan, India, Kashmir and Bangladesh where nearly 550 million Muslim lives. In these four countries also very hot / sizzling days along with humidity, this will persist during the entire fasting month of this year.

maintain ramadan fitness diet plan

Doctors recommend it is important to keep yourself hydrated and active during the month of Ramadan also. If this is not taken care than health issues may be arises.

People who are already suffering from heart problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, acidity or Kidney problem they must consult their doctor and follow their advice very seriously in regard to do fasting or not. If doctor advice they may please not fast this year due to their health condition this means abstain from fasting. Please follow physician advice.

If a woman is pregnant, she should consult with her gynecologist in regard to fasting and please strictly follow the advice and guidelines given by the doctor.

Ramadan fitness diet: Open fast by healthy food

After fasting this year of 2016 for 14-15 hours a day, we should know how we open our fast with healthy food. It is tough day every day during month of Ramadan because of sizzling hot summer, temperature recorded in  day will be mostly between 35°C -45°C or may be more goes up to 50°C in few cities of Pakistan especially in southern region of country.

Please ensure to keep yourself hydrated and drink 6-8 glasses of water within intervals of 8-9 hour duration that is from Iftar to Sehri.

 If less water is drink in this hot summer season of 2016, than during long fasting hour in a day they will feel drowsy or headache or inactive life and may also faint.

If less water is consumed during the allowed time period during Ramadan blood may get thicker .and they can have any of these symptoms mentioned above.

ramadan diet plan healthy food vegetables fruits

The fasting starts from Azan-e-Fajr and ends at sun set; this also refers as Iftar time. This is the moment observe at sunset with siren rings or at Azan-e-Magreb.

At Iftar time persons normally forget what healthy items they should include to open the fast. Whereas food and liquid should be comprises of healthy & balance diet for Quality Of Life (QOL). Healthy Iftar starts from the very first bite, than to follow later after Magreb prayer and so on later on also till Sehri.

It is advisable to eat small meals during Iftar and Sehri to feel light and energetic.  Avoid  over eating not to have feeling of bloating and acidity.

Ramadan fitness meal plan

Avoid all processed or fried foods despite how hungry you are. Secondly very important thing to follow is not to over eat.

At time of Iftari most of people feel they are very hungry, here please exercise your control to eat less than your desire hunger to remain healthy and fit”

We need to avoid fried food, colas, sherbet at all times and especially in Iftari such as:

  1. We need to cut down on Ghee, butter, oil, beef and even the chicken liver.
  2. Avoid junk foods such as samosay, pakoray, bakery items, rolls, fried chickens, pizza, and burger list goes on. These junk foods have trans-saturated fats and it reduces good cholesterol which is good for our heart and health.
  3. Refrain from taking all types of cold drink, sherbet which contains lot of sugar Please also avoid even diet colas and energy drinks which has its own disadvantage .

ramadan diet plan healthy food fruits vegetables

Open your fast at time of IFTAR

We can open our fast with 2-3 dates at Iftar which is good for our health. Dates are rich in fiber content. Secondly you can have one glass of smoothie to refresh yourself.

If you feel comfortable you can open your fast with two or three sips of Luke warm water to manage your thirst in this hot and sizzling hot weather and later have a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice which will be refreshing and provide balance nutrition and energy.

After offering  Magreb prayers you can have home cook food such as healthy soup to cover up your thirst and gain energy. Later you can have proper healthy and balance foods in terms of rich in nutrition such as hich contains protein, green leafy vegetables and cereals or rice.

It is essential to have Sehri or Suhoor. The time start from mid night till Azan Fajr

Highly recommended to eat Sehri or suhoor small quantity of food this should be light, mainly rich in protein. Secondly also drink small quantity of liquid to avoid long hour gap for water. These both will provide you energy and nutrition for long hour break till Azan e Magreb.

Physical Activity needed for quality of life

It is also essential to have physical activities such aerobic and anaerobic exercise at least 40 minutes per day five times a week.. It depends upon you to find time between either Asar and Magreb prayer. Or find time and adjust after Ishaa prayer and Taraveh but it is essential to have minimum of 2 to 21/2 hour gap from having last food, this means empty stomach

Article is written by Mahmood Hussain on Ramdan & fasting. 
It is for Baby First Pakistan 06 June 2016.

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