Raising happy child (toddler) is wish of all parents.       

Upbringing of the toddler with healthy habits will help child to stay healthy for a lifetime.

With positive attitude baby will become contributory members with in the society and country. 

By Mahmood Hussain 07 November 2018, article written for Baby First Pakistan website www.babyfirst.com.pk; Facebook:babyfirstpk, LinkedIn, twitter and other digital and social media.                                

Few important guidelines “How we can make our toddler happy?” are listed below.

  • Demonstrate positive and constructive mental habits. This will create positive happiness.
  • Teach your child self-management and ask to follow and practice in daily routine. This will reflect sign of happiness.
  • You as parent have to communicate in positive manner and play as a role model. You yourself needs to practically demonstrate it on day to day basis.
  • Teach your baby for self-discipline.
  • Foster and nurture positivity, hopefulness and cheerfulness.
  • Work with your baby to find pleasure and delight in his/her daily routine activity.
  • Support your baby to prioritize relationships among the family members and friends.
  • We should expect effort from the child and not to expect perfection from the kid.
  • Provide baby more time for play time as well also as parent devote more time to play with your child.
  • Organize daily screen routine time for child. It should not be more than two hours per day,

To work on upbringing of a happy, cheerful and self-managed child is a continuous effort for the parents. The important contributing factor is to raise healthy and active kids. Very old famous saying we have come across many times “health is wealth.”  In Urdu very famous saying is “Tandursiti hazar naimat hai” which means in English is “healthiness is thousand time blessing of the Almighty God.”

Below listed are the few listed tips to raise healthy kids:

  • You have to work on to demonstrate positive example at all time. Whether you realize it or not but all the time you are the role model for your kid.
  • Inspire and motivate your child to be physically active and also to play outside, while you as a parent is physically available at that time.
  • Give baby healthy and nutritious food.
  • Keep your baby hydrated and let them drink plenty of water
  • Ensure to less exposure towards screen time per day. Means not more than 2 hours per day as advice by the expert.
  • Ensure to give meal in small portion and split them in 5-6 times per day. 

To demonstrate positive attitude.

You as parent need to set up positive examples. This is just to reiterate and do you realize or not you are the role model and ideal for your child.

You need to set up healthy example in a way to: to:

  • Eat healthy and nutritious food.
  • Drink and also to demonstrate getting needed amount per day.
  • Physical activity and regularly doing exercise.
  • Getting enough sleep per day that is 7-9 hours each day

We need to encourage baby to be active and agile while awake.

As advice by “The Centers for Disease Control and prevention in USA (normally refer as CDC) it recommends children should spend 60 minutes for physical activity per day. This recommended time to be allocated per day for it seems to be too much. This can be easily achievable if it splits in three to four sessions during a day. Baby on the run practice school sports during morning assembly session which is good physical activity, this is also achieve during their recess and lunch break at school. In later part of the day they can also go for evening walk or play time in evening that is before following the dinner time.

Encourage and motivate all family members to do regular exercise. This can be achieved by walking in the evening or go for hiking or bicycling. Play with child, game such as hike and seek. Many more activities are suitable for physical activities such as play football mildly or cricket a popular game. Swimming is also good for health and this keep child active, alert and healthy. 

Baby to be hydrated. Promote and encourage the child to drink water within all day. Discourage not to drink cold drink, soda, fruit juices or energy drink. When child have feeling of thirst it means she / he is dehydrated provide him / her water. While children going to school give him water in the bottle and should avoid giving a pack of juice.

Restrict time to be spend on screen such as TV, laptop, tablet, mobile, desk top, PS4 and many more gadgets. As reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics they said that children spend their seven (7) hours a day either on mobile phone, computers, tablet, television, PS4.                                                                                    They strongly recommend to limit its time to 1-2 hours per day. As we know the excess usage of time on screen will confine them to one place for hours. This may also lead to obesity and weight gain, its disturb sleep pattern. 

Also observe irregularities in eating habit which may lead to eating disorder.  They face trouble within the school, difficult for them to keep awake and lack attention is also observed.

Provide nutritious and simple food to the child. It is easy and assessable to give fast food and ready to cook meal to the kids. These are very unhealthy food and rich in calories. With little planning you can give your child healthy and nutritious food. These meals are such as beans with low sodium content, home cooked vegetables and steam chicken / fish. Fruits and green vegetables to be store in fridge which have been purchased on Sunday.  The  purpose was to cook some of them and used in the week days.

Ensure child is getting proper sleep. Children from the age group of 5-12 years should sleep of 10-11 hours every night. Studies were conducted and it shows the children who don’t get up require sleep they score low in their tests and also act unwisely and hastily. You as a parent have to ensure child should have enough sleep and she or he wake up in good mood and perform the task energetically.

Talk to your child and listen them attentively. Encourage your child to talk to you and express her / his feeling and problems. When child expressing the feeling and sentiment listen carefully and attentively. We should not be judgmental at this time and pass your opinion at this time. Later you can work out with the child to find the solution of the problem expressed by the child

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, linkedin,, twitter


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