Quit Smoking: World No Tobacco Day observe on 31 May 2016

Leading daily newspapers of Pakistan and radio Pakistan give due importance to World No Tobacco Day which is observe on 31 May, 2016. This day is observed among all UN member countries every year on 31st May.

world no tobacco day 2016

Dubai: In today dated 31 May, UAE English newspaper stated in their head line’. The Ministry of Health (MOH) of UAE is proposing to the Prime Minister office for complete ban on smoking even in designated public area and there will be no more specified area. Shisha smoking is already banned in gardens, beaches and public parks. They are likely to propose to increase tax from 100% to 200%on all tobacco products.

This day of World No Tobacco Day to be observe each year on 31st May was crafted by all member countries of World Health Organization (WHO) which is part of United Nation.

World No Tobacco Day Stamp Post of Paraguay 2007Paraguay in year 2007 issued a stamp on World Tobacco Free Day. Picture is depicting hazards of smoking.

More than 150 physicians and researcher working in research facilities in Pakistan have made an appeal to Prime Minister to enforce and implement the anti-tobacco law which was initiated and made effective in year 2002.  Its real implementation is still awaited by government despite more than a decade. Secondly he orders to immediately to enlarge the size of warning picture to 85% on each cigarette pack as per guidelines, which was already announced last year by Government of Pakistan. Thirdly further increase tax rate and General Sales Tax(GST)  on all tobacco products to furher make  it non assessable to general public due to high price.

 Due to increase in usage of tobacco in Pakistan, it is really approaching to the level of disaster in terms of both health and economic outcome.

With this outcome physician are receiving routinely in their daily practice victims of tobacco.

This is leading towards increase in the morbidity and mortality.

 Use of tobacco is in epidemic shape and is term as one of the biggest health hazard, which is approaching to an alarming level especially in under develop countries which includes Pakistan. Yearly six million people die due to smoking as reported by World Health organization and also estimates10% death due to passive smoking.

In Pakistan it is estimated 100,000 deaths reported per annum due to smoking.

 Use of tobacco leads to various diseases such as hypertension, cardio vascular disease (CVD), stroke, heart attack, cancer of lung and mouth, pneumonia and cardio vascular pulmonary disease commonly refer as (COPD)

stop smoking world no tobacco day

Pakistan is far behind in controlling the usage/consumption of tobacco as compare to other countries of the world these even include poor and under developed countries.

We are even till to date unable to ban or control smoking in public places in entire country.

As a nation fortunately or unfortunately we admit quite shamefully Pakistan is lagging far behind as compare to rest of the world to discourage the use of tobacco among their people.

We appeal to “The Federal Ministry of Health”  to strictly comply / implement the law which is already in place for antismoking and overall discourage usage of tobacco. If possible to make it as punishable act if found smoking in public places.

Government has to strictly implement to totally ban the sale of tobacco products to below the age of 18 years.

 The observance of World No Tobacco Day has been effectively used to understand the current scenario and design future strategy. This will help with the objective to implement it more successfully in future in individual countries. The role has been further effectively endorsed by print and electronic media. Now the social media also playing role in creating awareness among masses but still we have to go long way to discourage use of tobacco.

Despite regularly observing the World no Tobacco Day it is very sad state even in India there are 275 million tobacco users. It is listed as one of the highest tobacco consuming country. The condition of Pakistan is not much different from India.

The ongoing research in regard to tobacco usage states that ratio difference among male and female is narrowing.

Smoking among women is increasing in under develop countries and it is decreasing in female among develop countries.

This change also observe in gender ratio for women which  is more due to marketing gimmicks or slogan printed on pack such as light or menthol flavor. Women are more attracted to this gimmick whereas this is not the case in male.

The same strategy has been adopted by sheesha provider’s café having apple flavor as well as by Pan Shops for selling menthol pan.

 quite smoking world no tobacco day

In published reports by World Health Organization (WHO) it is mentioned hoohkah or sheeshab is quite addictive and more harmful as compare to cigarette smoking. Further also states and strictly warn if person smokes for one hour sheesha or hookah means consume nicotine equivalent to 100 cigarettes.

It has been reported in which linkage had been established between tobacco consumption via hookah, sheesha or cigarette and incidence of Tuberculosis (TB). The rising trend in underdeveloped countries of tobacco consumption would leads to increase in TB cases.

 It is getting more common among younger generation as fashion to smoke tobacco and they are not aware this may lead to have more chances of Tuberculosis (TB). With regular smoking habit the immunity decreases and likely to have more chances of infection which is difficult to treat, because of regular consumption of tobacco by any method or form of smoking to inhale tobacco.

 Article is written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website and facebook

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