How to protect yourself from Heat Wave in summer

Heatwave in Pakistan killed more than thousand people in summer 2015. So we all must be prepared for hot days in summer and protect ourselves from sun stroke or heatwave.

ways protect yourself from heatwave in karachi and pakistan

Below there are 10 simple and easy tips to keep your body cool and to protect from heat wave or heat stroke or sun stroke:

  • Drinking Water: It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated especially if you live in hot and humid place like Karachi, upper and lower Sindh and South of Punjab.. Drink juices and cold water to insure the body liquid level. Always carry a bottle of water. Per day consumption will 6-8 glass of water per day.
  • Don’t wait to get thirsty: Drink before you get thirsty, teach yourself to drink more and more water or liquid in hot summer. This will protect you from heat stroke in hot and humid summer.
  • Use loose clothing: Change your clothing for hot summer, Wear shorts and loose T-shirts, don’t use socks and underwear. When you are going out, wear light color, loose and long sleeved clothes. Using a cap is very good and it will always keep you cooler.
  • Change daily schedule: Try to get up earlier to do necessary assignment to avoid maximum to hot sun. Complete your all work earlier and rest during the midday.
  • Use minimum lights: Use lights as little as possible indoor because electric bulbs are also main source of heat. Replace your luminescent bulbs with LED and fluorescent light bulb; they produce lower heat and energy.

ice cold water protect you from heatwave in karachi

  • Consume fruits and vegetable rich in water content: Eating such fruits and vegetables will keep your body hydrated. Fruits like Watermelon. melon contains more than 90-70 percent water.
  • Keep your body cool: Take a long shower or bath if you feel like your body is too hot. Apply ice pack to different parts of your body if necessary.
  • Keep a hand fan: Take one when you go outside, it can be a good solution in bus crowd or subway and train stations.
  • Ice cold water spray: Place a spray bottle full of water in refrigerator and grab it when you go outside. Use it frequently to make yourself cool in the heat wave.
  • Keep your car cool: Park your car in shade if possible, use sunshade for windows to keep your car cool. Using a solar powered fan can be a good solution for hot summer.
Article written by Mahmood Hussain & Mohammad Raza for Baby First website and facebook

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