Protect the children, the winter season has arrived.

Protect the children, the winter season has arrived.

The winter weather has arrived swiftly and fast, currently, we are in the mid of November.

In Indo-Pakistan, most of Asia as well in the most part of USA, Europe winter has well entrenched by now.

By Mahmood Hussain 15th November 2017 write article and blog are to be published in at   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and also on Facebook/babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. The writer is from Karachi, Pakistan Currently in Philadelphia, USA. With the start of November, the pleasant and enjoyable weather of Philadelphia vanished away, and it is replaced with the cold and chilly wind. The temperature in night reaches freezing level 0C or -2C. The temperature is mostly ranging between 12 to -0C or -2C.

In next 2 weeks (15th to 30th November) forecast at Islamabad will be in the range between 74 to 47 F. Lahore next 2week weather forecast will also range between 73-47F.

Peshawar current weather for 15th November 2017 at 9:30 am is 12C and it’s raining and likely to have thunderstorm later.                                                      Quetta weather forecast in coming two weeks, mostly the highest range of temperature will be between 7-8 and lowest forecast range is in between -2 to -6C. This will ultimately effect Karachi which is largest and business city of Pakistan. Its current estimated population is exceeding more than 20 million inhabitants. Which is approximately more than 10% of the population of Pakistan?

The best way to live and enjoy winter weather is to prepare yourself and your family member. We all need to follow winter safety guidelines and follow the tips, especially how to keep your child protected and healthy during the cold season.

Winter is the exciting season for children, this brings them lot of outdoor activities and plenty of good foods to enjoy. Simultaneously the wintry weather can be harmful to children and affect their health. In the season of chilly weather, children are susceptible to various bacterial infections, exposure to virus, flu and cold.

Parents need to do many things to protect their children from cold and dropping temperature. This will protect kids from getting sick from time to time.

It has been observed normally from mid-October or beginning of November temperature drops and winter season has arrived. This winter weather is with variable intensity and it will normally last till end March or mid of April in most of the Asia, Europe, Africa and North America and other remaining most of the countries of the world.

Parents need to take care of their children, their elderly family members and themselves. All of them they warm, protected, safe and healthy during winter weather.

We will focus on how to protect children:

Think in term of layers, a child needs several layers of clothing and we as the parent need to make sure their head, neck, legs and hands are covered.

Proper winter clothing needed to keep your children warm.

As a parent especially, the mother needs to ensure to cover your child with warm woolen clothes, such as trousers, sweater, jacket, cap, gloves, muffler, etc as per need. These recommended clothing will protect children from cold breeze while going to school or playing outdoors. Also ensure the child to have the cloth which is precisely fit, comfortable and keep them warm. In case of young babies and toddlers please protect them with one extra layer than adult children.

If using scarves or hood with string in smaller children they can / may strangle themselves, it is advised to use alternate clothing to keep the baby warm.

Children use to play outside. It is necessary to check they are having proper clothes to protect themselves. If it is raining or they become wet, ask the children to come inside and change the cloth if it is needed. Keep vigilant check on children this will be to avoid catching flu, cold, or infection,


Educate your children proper hand washing techniques.

Educate and demonstrate your child how to wash their hands with warm water and soap. Especially when your child is coughing or sneezing or affected by Flu. Both hands should be wash before taking their food or they have come from school or playing out-door. It is important to educate the child to keep their hands away from touching their face or they are while sneezing or coughing. Ensure not to wipe their face and nose with elbow or hand, this may contain germs and may lead to catching of flu, cold or viral and bacterial infections.


Ensure the children should daily drink water to keep them hydrated.

During the winter it is needed the child to be hydrated on daily basis by regularly taking plenty of lukewarm water. This can be also be supplemented by taking soups which is common in Indo-Pakistan during winter such as chicken corn soup, tomato, mixed vegetable or spinach. This can be enjoyed and taken in the early night or with evening snacks.

Stress and incentivize healthy eating habit.

As the parent, it is our responsibility to ensure children eat healthy food. Avoid having unhealthy and rich junk foods.

Food taken by children should comprise of needed vitamins, the antioxidant and minerals, which is essential for child growth and development.

During winter a reliable source of vitamin C is abundantly available in shape of citrus fruits especially very much liked and consumed in our region are Kino, oranges and Malta.  Besides these also available are tomato, green leafy vegetables, melon, papayas are freely available which are very hydrating and nourishing.

In winter season in Indo-Pakistan, the consumption of dry fruit is increase and very regular at the time of snacks.  These are such as peanuts (roasted), almond, pistachio, cashew nuts. Walnut and now become very rare and expensive are chilgoza pine. Peanut (MumPhalli) is commonly available, affordable and abundantly available in Indo-Pak in winter, season. These dry fruits are rich in nutrients.

Protect child skin during dry winter season.

It is needed to moisturize baby lips, face, nose, hand and feet. If needed use sunscreen to protect your child skin if needed from ultraviolet rays coming out of the sun. Children can expose themselves while they are playing outside in a day when the sun is shining.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media


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