How to prevent your child from head lice – جوون سے بچاو

Prevent your child from head lice – جوون سے بچاو

جوون سے محفوظط رہنے کی تدابیر

It is important for parents to learn how to prevent their children from lice. Mostly children are effected in school from their class room colleagues or friends. This can be spread the children play together and spread head lice.

prevent children head lice

As parent and specially as mother you can certain steps to avoid having lice to your child from their colleagues or friends in school or Day care and adults. Below are listed few useful prevention tips to avoid, control or prevent spreading of lice and protecting your child from lice.

  • Avoid sharing of items, which are used to manage your hair such as comb and towel.
  • Be careful and keep your upper clothing away and not be hang in shared place such as closet of coat.
  • Head to Head contact activities to be avoided.

As a parent, you need to teach your child what are the good habits to avoid getting the head lice. You must ask your children it is important to avoid sharing items which come in head contact.

what benefits your child will have:

Following these guidelines, will reduce the chances for both of you to be effected by head lice. This can be taken care by simply not to share the items which meets head.

It is very essential to avoid sharing combs, brushes, hair band or hair clips, scarves, towels, coats, hats and so on. Especially for the children it is very tempting to share their personal belonging with their friends and class mates. This may allow lice to find place or crawl to the head, this is the place where lice stay and grow in the child hair.

Teach your child how to limit or avoid head to head contact with their friends or colleagues sitting next to him or her in class room.

When the child play in game period or in recess it is very natural their heads come in close contact. If any of the children had head lice it is easy for them to transfer to other colleagues. In this way, this may affect your child and he or she also become lice carrier.

We all need to educate our child to avoid head to head contact at all cost in school.  They can also be effected by Adults especially those who are in contact with children such as Aya, Masi, sweeper, Physical trainer (PTI) and even their teachers. The same principle and guidelines for adults.

If your baby has long hair than make pony tail or tie up with the hairband or clip. Teach her not to unwind the hair. If possible lightly oil the hair or use very minutely hair spray to stray hair.

Avoid Sharing spaces and belongings

Spaces or belonging if shared, they can be breeding area or growth grounds for lice. Item commonly listed are drawers, shared almirahs, closets or cloth common hanging areas.  The lice easily can pass or travel from one place to another.

Train your child to avoid such practices and keep away or hang their belonging away, especially dupatas, scarves, hijab, hats or topi or cap, coats and other clothes.  This is also advice for adults to exercise similar precautions.

Symptoms of suffering from lice

It is very difficult to know exactly who has lice in their head and who is not having it. As per  CDC (Center of Diseases Control) and its prevention department  which says it may take six or more weeks to become evident is having lice in their head. The symptom will be itchy feeling in head or hair.

It is endemic, can be widespread which means simply it is epidemic. If you and child knows a person or child is having head lice, please ensure and understand that your child and you yourself keep away from the victim and even avoid touching effected person clothing, towel, comb, bed and furniture.

Quick action by parents and adults

As a parent of child and as an individual prompt action is require getting rid of head lice. Early awareness and action will result in strong preventive action and further stop its spread to other children. It is commonly and mostly reported by school for influx of head lice in children hair.

As a parent, especially mothers they have to look into the head of their children for small white nits, lice eggs and lice. Also search for the child clothes which he or she wear during last two days looking for lice eggs and lice. Clothes to be particularly search are shirt, scarves, hijab, hat or cap, dupatta and coats.

What are the precaution?

Its highly important to know how to prevent from its spread. This has been observed when person encounters effected person especially in children the lice easily transfer from one person to another person especially among children. Despite you educate your child hygiene and cleanness techniques and also demonstrate its practical application. You need to inform your child to avoid contact or come close to the effected child or person, In this way you will be safe.

No approve treatment so far

Till to date there are no scientifically approved treatment for head lice which can kill the lice and egg during initial treatment. After repeated application, do comb the hair with fine specifically designed comb to remove head lice. This need to be practically done on daily basis for at least two weeks.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

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