No Cotton Buds in Ear: Say no to q tips

No Cotton Buds in Ear

No Cotton Buds in Ear Say no to q tips

In the year 1923 cotton buds or Q Tips was first time introduced by Leo Gerstenzang, the first sanitized cotton swab. His vision to market his creative brainchild by wrapping cotton tightly around stick because he noticed his wife clean the young child ear by using tooth pick with cotton ball on tip, which may likely to interfere or damage internal part of ear.

The producer of cotton bud have printed the caution on its packet for last 40 years but still frequently it is use for poking our ears and ear canal. This may likelihood to damage eardrum, auditory canal and may give rise to ear infection, which is very painful condition.

Initially invented and marketed Q Tips were made of wood with one end tightly rounded up with cotton now a days it is commonly made of plastic or paper and it is double ended.  They were marketed for baby care but ?

An article on this issue was published recently in January 2016 by Independent daily from UK,

In United Kingdom it is commonly term as Q tips which is brand name given by its manufacturer.

In US and Europe it is generally available by the name of cotton –swab or bud.

In western and developing countries the cotton buds or Q Tips packs are available with warning:

“Do not insert inside the ear canal.”

But still we all know and specially the doctors or Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist (also known or referred as Otolaryngologist) very clearly know that people who are coming with ear problem has mostly ignored the printed warning on pack as we see routinely in case of boldly printed warning sign on each cigarette pack.

Cotton Buds are dangerous for Ear, Say no to q tips

Say No to Q Tips

In our region of Indo-Pak or SAARC countries it is generally term as Cotton Bud. It may be harmful product which is commonly available without any warning label on most of brand or generic packs at medical stores, super stores, even at level of grocery, kiryana merchant and provision stores.

It is observed commonly and also informed by doctors especially Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialists or consultant, the people use it to clean their ears.  But they are probably not aware with doing so they are messing with natural process in internal ear. With regular interference in the name of cleaning of the internal ear and removing formed wax they are hurting their ears and may likely to have chance of ear infection which is very painful condition.

If we consider cotton bud, it is one of the few products commonly sold such as cigarette, sheesha or alcohol and many more products, despite known fact it will be harmful for human being. In few of the available products they carry printed warning signs on sale pack such as of cigarette and cotton swab but how casually the user ignore these warning signsmentioed on pack.

The ear canal leads to a number of sensitive auditory bones, ear drum, semicircular canals and cochlea as an internal part of our ear which is not visible to us. We can harm our ear by external interference regularly in ear with many methods, very commonly is the use of cotton bud or Q-tips, also by other methods of poking ear canal route to get rid of wax or irritations such as match stick, tooth picks, keys etc.

With above mentioned so many methods how we are interfering in our ear, we assume we are trying to clean ear but indirectly messing with the natural process of ear maintenance. This may hurt internal part of the ears and will likely to end up with ear infection or damaging ear drum.

Dr. Dennis Fitzgerald ENT specialist from Washington says the patient do come to him with cotton bud affiliated problem regularly. Now days worldwide physicians and ENT specialist will inform you they receive frequently such cases.

As we all know cotton bud was never meant to use deep inside ear but people still mess it and have ear problems.

Below diagram of internal ear with key message very clearly depicting

No entry: A cotton bud length from a burst ear drum”

Cotton Buds are harmful in Ear Say no to q tips


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