Mother’s Day 14 May 2017. مان تجھے سلام – تیرے قدمون تلے جنت

Mothers’s Day Celebrate On Sunday 14 May 2017

مان تجھے سلام – تیرے قدمون تلے جنت

مان اک خشبو ، سراپا محبت، اور ہر لحمہ دعا دینے والی۔


14 May 2017 by Mahmood Hussain. In year 2017, worldwide Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 17th. This day is specially dedicated to all the mothers. By celebrating this day every year, we show our love and affection for mother and motherhood.  Still we will never be able to match or reward the services and untiring taken care approach, she provided us in our entire life and even now a day’s. The relationship and bonding between parent and children is unconditional

This day is celebrated each year on every second Sunday of May. Mother is symbol of love, dedication and affection. She works for better life as well as provides shelter at home and in outside world which is around all of us. She takes care of her child for all needs at every step of life. The relationship can never be express, mother is symbol of love, dedication and sacrifices.

She as mother gives unconditional love and hug from day one which is term as neonate, infant, baby, child and as a grownup person since from day one of our existence. Mother’s Day is the happiest and highly memorable day of the year for all toddlers, kids, children and for as we adults also. Mother is Mother there is no replacement for her.

I also search the dictionary for word Mother at google which express it as

“A woman in relation to her child or children and bring up (a child) with care and affection”. 
Mothers has many significant role in life of the children, it starts since giving birth to baby than making and striving them to be well behave human being for society. She contributes mainly in the character building and development of the individual. She understands the needs of children and strive to full fill it in their means and living.

Mother is the sweetest word in our vocabulary

اس رشتے، کو  کسی نام سے بلاہین یعنی مان، امان، امی یا ممی یہ سب کانون کو اچھا لگتا

 ھے اور رس گھولتا ھے


Mother nurtures the little conceive baby in her womb. She devotes her life from the day of conception till the entire life for well being of their child. Mothers love and devotion is selfless and in return she never expect anything. Mother are the greatest gift of God and mother is angel and fairy in the world. Mother is the teacher with kindness and fully devoted to give her best for their children.

If we search history of celebrating Mother’s Day, it reveals us this custom and tradition was first observed more than a century back on second Sunday of May in the year 1905 or 1908 in United States of America. In later years to come was followed and celebrated by other countries of the world. Anna Jarvis from West Virginia, USA was first to run this campaign in year 1905 in which her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis died. In real word Mother’s Day was celebrated in year 1908 when Anna Jarvis held memorable day for her mother.

In UK and Ireland Mother Day is celebrated on fourth Sunday of March, it expresses the same sentiment to mother as it is expressed in USA. In few European countries such as Greece the Mother Day is honored on 02 February every year. In most of the Arab countries this day is observe and celebrated on 21 March, which is link with spring season and in Iran is link to Persian New Year Norooz / Nowruz.

If we consider Eastern European countries mostly were communist countries the name it as International Women’s Day instead of Mother’s Day.  What matter most is we celebrate and honor our Mother by observing Mother’s Day as per agreed specific time line of individual country or zone as mentioned above. If we look at it, every day is Mother’s Day but still we owe lot more and more to such a loving and caring personality from the day one of our life till to date and in coming year.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

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