“Malaria” the life threatening blood infection

WHO statistics have shown that almost 3.2 billion people (approximately 50%) of 106 countries remain at risk of having malaria. It is treatable disease despite that nearly half million die every year.

malaria symptoms, symptoms of malaria. malaria parasite

Malaria is preventable and curable disease.

Malaria is life threatening blood infection, caused by bite of a specific infected female mosquito in human body, that female mosquito is known as ‘Anopheles’ in medical science. When this killer infected mosquito bites human body then the parasite called ‘ Plasmodium’ enters in human body making its way into bloodstream, then this parasite detain itself into human liver, within 2 weeks this parasite multiplies its strength in liver, in due course the patient shows no notable symptoms. Latter on new born malaria parasites flooded into human blood stream in a way to attack human blood red cells. In the meanwhile the malaria parasite growth remains continue to increase its strength in human liver. The body of the host person becomes the source of infection for other uninfected mosquitoes, resulting the completion of malaria cycle, i.e. infected mosquito to human body, then host body to uninfected mosquito.

malaria, malaria mosquito, malaria parasite

How lethal is malaria?

World Health Organization’s researches show that malaria kills around 438000 people each year, majority amongst them are children. Since older people, infants, children and pregnant women have weak immunity to resist devastating effects of this malaria parasite, so they remain always more vulnerable to malaria infection. If malaria infection is not timely diagnosed and left untreated then it converts into severe malaria, which results in coma and ultimately leads to certain death of the patient.

Malaria Symptoms

Symptoms of Malaria are felt periodical, they last for 6 to 10 hours in a day. The most commonly observed symptoms are as follow:

malaria symptoms, symptoms of malaria

  1. The patient shivers and feels cold even at normal room temperature.
  2. The patients suffers from fever which fluctuates in time to time.
  3. The patients ails with Headache and body pain.
  4. The patient vomits and feels vapidity in taste.
  5. The patients feels weakness and tiredness.
  6. The patient sweats a lot at normal room temperature.
  7. The patient feels distress in respiration, so starts deep breathings.
  8. The patient may go into partial unconsciousness.
  9. Dysfunction of vital Organs may occur.

Malaria awareness is the first prevention

malaria awareness, malaria mosquito, malaria preventionWHO statistics have shown that almost 3.2 billion people of 106 countries remains at risk of malaria disease, which is half of world population. In order to eradicate and prevent from this disease awareness is very pivotal factor.

1-The dawn and dusk are very common timing of biting of this Anopheles mosquito.

2- This killer Anopheles mosquito lays and hatches in both fresh and dirty water, so these sites must be targeted and well treated with insecticides.

3- The patient must be kept in mosquito preventing nets in order to desist spreading of infection into other mosquitoes and other people.

4- Mosquito repellants must be applied to bare parts of the body.

5- Regular indoor insecticide spray is very effective measure to eliminate the mosquitoes resulting control on transmission of this infection.

Malaria is preventable and curable disease

In time diagnosis of the malaria and proper treatment is very important for life of the patient. When one patient is healed from this infection at the same time a host also converts into non-host of this infection, resulting reduction in transmission of this disease. So it is quite clear that prevention is cure and the cure is the prevention.

Since we know that health is a wealth and preventive counter measures are not only life saving but also cost effective, which brings healthy and prosperous life.

Written by: (Ahmed Karim) Karachi
Edited by: Mahmood Hussain

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