Lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet are leading towards health risk in people


Lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet are leading towards health risk in people.

Regular physical activity is good for overall health.

By Mahmood Hussain Karachi Pakistan 16 September 2018 for       With the objective is to create awareness among their fans and overall to the general public for their wellness. Especially focusing on the newborn, toddlers, children 2-14 years and young parents from 18-45 years. Sharing on Facebook Baby First Pakistan, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A brief report has been published on above subject recently by BBC News dated 05 September 2018. The report states “lack or absence of exercise puts people health at risk. “

WHO states 25% of the world population don’t perform the routine physical activity and regular exercise.  So they are at risk and this translate into 1.4 Billion people currently living on this planet.

In light of this data, WHO expert’s further states there is hardly any progress in increasing the level of physical activity among the people.

A detail report published in The Lancet Global Health on this topic.  Which states it is well-established fact that benefit of regular physical activity is immense.  This will reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and fewer chances of breast and colon cancer. Regular physical activity has very positive outcomes on mental health maintain a healthy weight and likely to delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer.

For the healthy life, four ingredients are essential that is:

  • Healthy diet
  • Regular physical activity.
  • Drink at least 6-8 glass of water or fluid per day.
  • Good and sound sleep of 7- 8 hour per day.

Sedentary lifestyle or physically inactive lifestyle raises the risk of numerous disease as mentioned above.

Inactive lifestyle along with poor dietary habit is leading towards the rapid increase in obesity and overweight worldwide.  Increase in overall this situation may lead to many forms of diseases.

In the BBC report, it is further mentioned worldwide, women are more affected because of inactive life or devoid of physical activity, with the exception of a few regions of Asia.

The UK has been listed as the high-risk country within high-income group countries.

Within the UK nearly 22-25% of the population (nearly 20million) are passing inactive life, which is quite high.

WHO conducted the study in this regard within the developed countries, they found among high-income countries such as USA and UK the ratio of inactive person has increased from 32% in the year 2001 to 37% in the year 2016. If we take the same period among the low-income countries this % remains constant within the entire 15 years period which is reported as 16% as a constant figure.

An inactive lifestyle defined as far less than 150 minutes spent per week for mild to moderate exercise.

An active lifestyle can also be referred to devote at least 75 minutes per week for vigorous physical activity, this may be divided in three to four times within a week

For the weekly physical activity, the universal guidelines are to devote at least 150 minutes for moderate intensity or recommends a minimum of 75 minutes at vigorous intensity per week. .It is also possible to divide equal time for moderate and severe intensity physical activity within a week.  It depends upon the individual how he or she train and tame the body. The last two methods will provide the same benefits as with 150 minutes activity of moderate to mild intensity for adults.

The above para adapted statement is taken from the article having headline “Evidence for physical activity guidelines as a public health intervention” Reference: The Journal of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Volume 4, 2016 – Issue 1

In the case of children age from 5-18 years and adults above the age of 65 years. A detail guidelines can also be found separately.  Which is briefly provided below also.

Physical activity guidelines for all three age group that is:

  • Children from 5-18 years. Daily spent 60 minutes for physical activity/
  • Adults from 19-64 years. 150 minutes per week for moderate physical activity
  • Adult the senior citizen 65 and above. Recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week and also twice a week work out session.

Source of information is Public Health England.

In the report, they have taken data of Country wise in term of Most Inactive or Most Active lifestyle.

As per the report by The Lancet.

Most Inactive countries reported are as follows:

Kuwait is rated as No.1country in the world which is 67%

Followed by Brazil 47%, US 40%. UK 36% India 34% and Australia 30%reported.

Most active countries mentioned in the report are reproduce below also:

Uganda 5.5%, followed by China 14% and Russia 17%.

This article is written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social and digital media.


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