International Women’s Day Worldwide Celebrated on 8th March

Globally International Women’s Day (IWD) is observe on 8th March.

Initially and originally it is called International Working Women’s Day and this was observed on March 8th on yearly basis. This name reflects the struggle for women right on our planet. If we go back in history the women day was observe on 28th February. In the year 1909 in New York it was organized by Socialist Republic Party of America.

International Women's Day 2017 Be Bold For Change

Russia Revolution observe International Women Day on 8th March in 1917 and declare national holiday.  In the early years after inception this day was celebrated and observe in communist and socialist countries.  From year 1975 the United Nation adapted and designated this day of 8th March as an International Women’s Day and observe worldwide regularly and every year. The United Nation from this year and onward start sponsoring this day.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is, we’re asking you to “#BeBoldForChange. We all need to call on masses and our self to be more aware, of women right. This will help and we need to give heed to work for a better living and working place. Secondly to create environment for equal gender right for all.

Can we observe International Women Day of 2017 on 08th March as a catalyst for change? Can this dream be full fill of gender equality in coming years?

Pledge For Parity

In year 2016 the theme and campaign was “Pledge For Parity”. This was well supported by the individual and the organizations, on worldwide basis. This is with commitment to support and help females to achieve their goals and dreams. Women and girls will challenge their conscious and unconscious attitude. The organizations will attain and work for gender balance leader ship at work place.

Create atmosphere of equal right to both the gender working in any place. This need can be full fill by creating awareness of equal right for both sex and create conducive work place.

As per observation by the World Economic Forum and it predicted that the gap between the gender can come close to the desire level by the year 2186.

This will be a long journey. We all have to work with full zeal and zest to attain the desire level by the year 2186 or earlier. The plat form of International Women Day is the hope and will be the driving force and vehicle in coming years to achieve greater change for female life. This will enable to close the gender disparity.

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