Are infant and children foods being safe?



Are infant and children foods being safe?

UAE Ministry of Health reported few of the infants and children tinned food may contain Salmonella bacteria.

They also identified some of the products are having a higher amount of mercury.

Give your infant and children freshly cooked food, fresh vegetables/fruits and dairy products.

By Mahmood Hussain, Saturday 02nd March 2018, write articles and blogs to be published in & BABYFIRST.COM.PK / BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and will also appear on Facebook/babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. The writer is from Karachi, Pakistan Currently he is in Philadelphia, USA.

What we can talk about the SARRC Region where we live and especially of Pakistan, where lack of compliance and implementation of safety laws to provide safe, hygienic and healthy food to the people including infants and children. It is at the lowest level regard to its implementation and compliance. This is very evident in our region, and we regularly watch, read and listen the news and featured articles/report in the electronic and print media. These are the issues of Adulteration and unhygienic foods availability.  These incidences are also posted frequently on social media which has become a very powerful tool to inform and create awareness among masses and respective authorities.

In Pakistan beside the issue of contaminated and unhealthy food products, skin whitener or supplement or in it found higher toxic ingredients level of (mercury, arsenic) in original brands. The other bigger problem is the availability of counterfeit or spurious products which contains harmful and toxic ingredients whether it is even lifesaving medicines.

I am producing below few of the news clips or report regularly appeared in the media, regarding spurious and counterfeit medicine produce within Pakistan/and they sell in Pakistan and international market.

  • “Counterfeit drugs seized” The Nation on February 05, 2018. LAHORE – The FIA claimed on Sunday to have seized a huge quantity of spurious and toxic  drugs in the city and arrested an accused
  • Factory producing counterfeit medicine sealed” reported by Daily Dawn March 01, 2015. ISLAMABAD: Teams of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) conducted a joint raid at a factory in Kahuta Industrial Area where counterfeit medicine was being manufactured.

·        News published by Daily Dawn with heading “The merchant of death”

On Feb 16, 2017, It stated that counterfeit and spurious drugs are multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, which is translate into 6-10% of all the medicine are counterfeit which are sold across the border countries. Pakistan is listed among the 13 countries where spurious medicine is manufactured.

  • The Express Tribune in his business section on 31st August 2015 with headline published a news with the headline “Pakistan is fake drug market, in which culprits manufacture and sell medicine made of poison and bricks”, As per the report by WHO in the year 2015 they estimated counterfeit medicine market is worth US$ 431 billion
  • CNN reported on 30 August 2015. They reported Pakistan, sell fake medicine in all forms that’s capsule, tablet, syrup and injectables which are prescribed and used for treating the patient

This is the serious condition which persists for medicine in Pakistan.  These are registered, controlled products and its pricing also approved and monitored by Federal Ministry of Health (DRAP). Then what do we talk about the unregistered healthcare products which are in thousands and are used to treat and manage certain disease or conditions, supplement and skin care products? They are available in thousands and are freely flowing in the market. Also, have ease of access to the public. How and what to talk about its safety and effectiveness of these. Secondly are these original and genuine brands or these are fake or spurious.

Recently in UAE, The Ministry of Health and Prevention issued the warning and asked relevant authorities to ensure to remove few of the identified infants and children tinned foods, having the possibility of being contaminated with Salmonella the bacteria. This news was published in Khaleej Times, Dubai on 18th February 2018.

The Health Ministry of UAE further issued the warning not to use uncertified products which are used to quit a drug addiction. They also listed cosmetics products which contain elevated level mercury. They further listed herbal products used for losing weight which has the tendency to raise the blood pressure. Listed few skin whitening products which are also harmful for human skin.

The Health Ministry of UAE has asked the concern authorities to confiscate these products which are not registered with the Ministry of the Health of UAE. They also further stressed to remove stocks from the shelf of the listed few products which have a high amount of mercury in it. These products are harmful and unfit for human consumption.

Research and studies conducted over the years have proven that the infant and baby up to two years “The breast milk is the best source of nutrition and is safe”.

Now we will look at the children below the age of 5 years, they are at increased risk of foodborne diseases and its other related health complications. In this age group of 1-5 years children, the immune system is still in developing stage. Children under 5year, their immune system is still not fully developed, and they are not even fully capable to fight against infection. Another information is the young children and infants stomach produces less acid within the stomach, so they are less capable of kills the harmful or pathogenic bacteria within the stomach. This result in children under 5 years is more prone to be infected and get sick. Here we will refer particularly the incidence of food poisoning, which is very commonly caused by the pathogenic bacteria and they mostly result in the form of severe diarrhea. As we know in children below the age of 5, their body is still developing and small.  Suffering from diarrhea which mostly results in loss of body fluid and results in diarrhea. Another symptom of the foodborne disease is associated with vomiting, nausea, stomach ache, cramp, fever and shivering.

As per CDC report, younger children below the age of 5 years will have the high incidence of getting sick. as compare to the adults

The overall data in general shows the food safety and its good hygienic quality is highly important for young children. Second very important factor in protecting this age group children is proper hand washing is advice for parents, caregiver and the child itself

After reading the news, I thought it is of vital importance to educate and communicate our viewers and fans, who mostly reside in South Asia region. The countries in the region have all safety laws and regulation in place but very poor implementation. In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC countries) Its member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.  The health and food ministries are highly vigilant and strict in terms of compliance and they follow the safety ethics. Despite it, this news appeared recently from Dubai which is an eye-opening for all of us.

Further detail is reproduced below after below paragraph.

The UAE Health Ministry regularly monitor and keep a vigilant check on all health care and cosmetic products. This news is also the chain and series of such occurrence and they issue warning if they find the products are dangerous for human use. The authorities requested to the people to “immediately stop using such products” as Identified by them along with the photograph also.

They have also listed an infant and children food products manufactured by Lactalis International of French origin. They identified product may be infected with Salmonella and this product to be immediately withdrawn from the market.

Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, he is Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing in the Ministry of Health in UAE. The Dubai Municipality has provided the list to the Ministry in which they listed three Chinese products which are having a high content of mercury and these products are not registered in Ministry of Health. The names are Yalan cream, Hao Meng wipe off fleck cream and Slimming body capsule plus.

The Ministry has labeled more unhealthy products available in the market to be withdrawn. Immediately. For detail list and read the full report please read or refer. City Editor, Khaleej Times, Dubai February 18, 2018

In our South Asia Pacific region and Pakistan as a country, we know the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetable, cereals, egg, poultry, milk and yogurt are available. These can be either cooked or given freshly and in natural form to the baby below the age of 2 years. These will be healthy, you know what you are feeding as well as safe rather than infant readymade foods are given to them.  I can list few of the common home-cooked foods to be used as safe and healthy foods at home. It is the lengthy list but listing few commonly used such as: mesh potato or banana, rice and lentils, khichri, Soji ka halwa, egg yolk or omelet, fresh milk and yogurt, steam chicken, homemade fresh roti and list goes on، but these should be prepareر at home and use fresh.

ابلا ھوا الو مسل کے، کیلا میش کرکے، دال چاول، کچھڑی، سوجی کا حلوا، انڈے کی زردی یا املیٹ، تازہ دودھ ابال کر، دہی، ابلی ہوی مرغی، گھر کی پکی تازۂ روٹی، ساگو دانا،

The article was written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media

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