Importance of Iron level maintenance in human body.

If hemoglobin levels are below than normal range, it indicates anemia.

Within human blood iron mainly exist with in blood in complex form and it is bound to protein.

By Mahmood Hussain, Sunday 02nd December 2018  Article written for Baby First Pakistan website; Facebook:babyfirstpk, LinkedIn, twitter and other digital and social media.

Within human body iron is mainly found in complex form and bound to protein, mainly and it is commonly refer as Hemoglobin. The normal range with in men are refer as 13.5-17.5 gram of hemoglobin per deciliter in the blood, where as in women this range is 12.0 to 15.5 gram / deciliter (g/dl).

Normal hematocrit range in women is 34.9 to 44.5% & in male its normal range is between 38.8 to 50%.

Iron deficiency in human being is refer as anemia, which is due to the low level of hemoglobin and hematocrit with in circulating blood.

Anemic condition is observed when a person have low level of hemoglobin in the blood, which is commonly known as red blood cells (RBC). Hemoglobin is protein with in RBC which plays vital role by carrying oxygen to our body tissue as an energy source via blood.

The causes of iron deficiency are due to blood loss in the body.

  • It may be due to peptic ulcer (gastro-duodenal ulcer), polyp in colon, hiatus hernia, cancer in colorectal path. Polyp is an abnormal growth of the tissue generated from a mucous membrane with in body.
  • Use of pain killer. Bleeding from gastro-intestinal tract can be due to regular use of the pain killer these may be NASAID, ant-rheumatic drug and regular use of aspirin.
  • Secondly this may be due to lack of iron within the diet.
  • Iron deficiency is observed in women of childbearing age, its deficiency is due to heavy blood loss during menstruation period or with in the pregnancy. 

Methods for Diagnosis of Anemia, which is due to iron deficiency.

This condition will be assessed, by the physician and they ask for certain specific laboratory test to be done such as:

Asses the size and color of red blood cell.

If iron deficiency persist which is refer as anemia. In such condition red blood cells appear smaller in size and pale in color

Hematocrit level assessment with in blood. This blood test is to evaluate blood volume made by red cells. Its normal range in male and female are mentioned in the above para.

Hemoglobin level if lower than normal range in either sex this indicate anemia.

Ferritin level, which is a protein, which helps in storing iron with in our body, if its level are below recommended level, this indicates low level of stored iron

If laboratory tests indicate iron deficiency that is term as anemic condition The physician will go for additional test to assess the underlying cause. These test may be such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ultrasound of pelvis in case of women is anemic.

Iron deficiency treatment will take months. Iron supplement prescribe by doctors and is recommended for few months or even longer period. It is essential to develop and built iron stores within the body.

After taking iron tablet for weeks or more by the anemic patient, they start feeling better and more energetic. It is needed to check the blood regularly to assess the require iron level have been  achieve within the body. 

To ensure the iron reserve has been restored in the body, it is essential to regularly take iron supplement for a year or more.

Below mentioning are few tips which will help to maximize iron intake via healthy diet

  • Consume regularly lean meat, it is recognized as the best source and also help in absorption of iron from the blood.
  • Fish and chicken are good source of heame iron. Consume it regularly.
  • Eat rich vitamin C foods. By consuming regularly vitamin C food it help in increases absorption of iron with in blood.

Treatment of Anemia.

If anemia is due Iron deficiency, the doctor will recommend iron supplement to anemic patient, beside it the doctors will find and treat the underlying cause, if it is felt necessary.

Iron supplement are commonly available over the counter at medical stores, it is available in form of tablet and liquid. Doctors will recommend tablet or syrup to replenish the iron stores within our body. Tablets normally given to adult and syrup mostly given to children and infants.

Iron tablet is recommended to be taken empty stomach. If this upset the stomach than take iron tablet along with meal.

Avoid taking iron tablet along with antacid or the medication which relief heartburn symptoms, because these medicine which relieve the heart burn interfere with the absorption of iron.  Recommended is, to take iron tablet two hour before or four hours after taking the antacid.

Iron tablet to be taken along with vitamin C, this helps in absorption of iron from stomach.  For Iron tablet good absorption, this is to be taken with orange juice or vitamin C supplement

Constipation may be observed by taking iron supplement, if the constipation persist the physician will advise you to take stool softener and will also ask you to continue using iron supplement to treat anemia. It is also observed in few cases stool turns to dark brown or black in color which is not harmful,

It is important for quality of life, the anemic condition to be treated and taken care. Need to develop iron reserve in the body for routine normal function and meeting daily energetic needs. 

If there is any underlying cause, it is needed to treat it first, then manage iron deficiency.

Despite taking iron supplement the iron level in the blood do not increases than may be source of bleeding or problem persist due to lack of iron absorption. This need to be assess by the physician or consultant and likely condition needed to be manage and treated.

  • This condition may be due to taking medication such as oral contraceptive taken by women for lightening heavy menses flow and its cycle.
  • In women surgery performed to remove polyps or fibroid and tumor.
  • Use of antibiotic and other ant-ulcer drug to treat peptic ulcer.

In case of severe iron deficiency, patient may be given iron by intravenous route or via blood transfusion. Both these options will help to restore iron and needed hemoglobin level quickly

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, linkedin,, twit


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