The Immunization / Vaccination Week 24-30 April

World Health Organization (WHO) asked to observe “World Immunization Week 2016”

The Immunization (Vaccine) week will be observe from 24-30 April

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In press statement issued by WHO mentioned:

They have highlighted, they have made recent gains in the aspect of immunization coverage globally. Still we all to work and devote our self to achieve the worldwide vaccination target by 2020.

The main theme and promotional campaign provided by WHO is

“Close the Immunization Gap”

With effective awareness campaigns as per WHO guidelines for effective vaccination, we were able to protect 2-3 million deaths per annum. We need to plan further for effective coverage during this year and coming year to save another 1,500,000 death per annum by effective immunization.

WHO in their press release provided statistics on this occasion on 21 April 2016 in which states.

Now it is estimated globally, today 18.7 million children miss their routine immunization against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. This means 1 out of 5 children born miss their initial vaccination.

world immunization vaccine week 2016

In this regard India come’s along with Mauritania, Cambodia & Madagascar in eradicating tetanus in mother and newborn baby. India were able to improve its coverage by 83% for vaccinating against tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria (DTP).

Now with deep sorrow and from my inner heart I have to state a known fact Pakistan & Afghanistan are now only two countries in the world where polio cases are still reported and Polio still remain endemic.

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We all know African countries during last few years faced big challenge of Ebola and fighting with it despite they carried on with routine immunization. With their determination and effective implementation they went one step ahead and now they are certified polio free. They were able to remove Nigeria from the list of polio endemic country.

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It is quite strange but factual data provided by WHO more than 60% children who are not provided vaccine lives in 10 countries. Unfortunately or fortunately Pakistan is included in those ten countries, beside our country other nine are South Africa,  Indonesia, India, Iraq, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Philippine, Uganda and Congo.

Call to Action By WHO:

It is essential and important to achieve our objective of immunization “Close the Immunization Gap” we all have improve vaccination coverage. Who has appealed to the countries to reach those children who are not covered in routine immunization? They focused on those countries who reached less than 80% in remote and far flung areas, call to do the needful on priority basis to immunize children who are left.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

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