How to prevent Aging and have healthy life

Globally people are living longer as compare to last century. We all need and look forward to prevent or delay the aging process. With overall increase in communication around the globe, which created greater awareness among people during this century. That is mainly due to the availability of internet and via android mobile connectivity worldwide. This overall resulted to broaden the linkage, increase source of knowledge and more people start interacting.

how to prevent aging and have healthy life

Secondly progress in scientific research has greatly contributed and made it possible for people to live longer life. This also resulted in improved Quality Of Life (QOL) with the progressing age due life style modification, adjustment as per need and advised by the health care expert.

Progressing trend of eating more healthy and natural diet.

If we take the case of life expectancy in USA, let’s review how it has progress on year basis.

  • In 1970 it was 70.8 years
  • In 2008 it attain 78.0 years
  • In year 2014 it reaches 79.0 years
  • Expected to reach 79.5 years by 2020

Life expectancy data of PAKISTAN from 1971 to 2016 and forecast by 2020

  • In 1971 it was 53.43 years
  • In 1990 it was 60.11 years
  • In 2000 it was 62.77 years
  • In 2008 it was 64.66 years
  • In 2014 it as 67.73 years

Forecast for the year 2020 is 70.8 years


The world life expectancy 2016

RankCountryAge / years
8Hong Kong82.44
113Saudi Arabia75.27

The opinion about aging has changed because of recent advances in clinical research finding, if we compare it to two decades earlier. This will further change in coming years also.

At one time it was considered with growing age the disease and disability can’t be avoided. It progress with age or when people get older. In this century it is no longer fact. There is no doubt the aging may put us at greater risk of health issues, but many old people with progressing age can have healthy and active life if they follow the provided guidelines.

how to prevent aging and have healthy life

The continuous and ongoing research have gained very important insight. What we understand with current studies and may be later on with these research studies is: to how delay the onset of aging and increase life span along with Quality of life or healthy life style. This means also we are talking of active life with the progressing age.

We are quite aware and also know to have healthy living with progressing age we should follow healthy eating habit along with regular physical activity and exercise. This will help us to have healthy aging.

Eating healthy food is very simple and not at all confusing as generally assume.

  • Your food should mainly comprise of vegetables (if possible eat mostly raw), fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, peas, dairy product and fish.
  • Keep yourself away from processed or oily or junk foods which also means deep fry.
  • Drink sufficient quantity of clean and safe water that means 6-8 glasses per day.
  • Regular physical activity or exercise. (At least 5 times a week and each day minimum of 40 minutes per day.)
  • Have good and sound sleep of 7-8 hours a day.

Scientifically positive effects / evidence reported for the regular use of vegetables and fruits for health benefits.

 Use of Antioxidants.

The discovery of antioxidant which has pinned hope, with its regular usage we can delay or slow process of aging. Secondly people can live longer. Though these claim are still under process and verification. Role of antioxidant is to protect body from harmful effects

Everyone in days or years will get old as the times passes away. To be getting old, this may bring variety of health challenges. But you don’t need to worry, you can prepare yourself and need to be action oriented to manage good health. You will certainly be able to reduce the risk of disability or disease.

You can avert aging by eating healthy diet in small portions during the entire day, than have good sound sleep, follow regular exercise / physical activity and need to have regular health checkup. Engage yourself also in the activities which you enjoy to keep yourself active and mentally agile and fit.

With the passage of time we will have more chances of discovering and learn to have quality of life. As well to further delay the process of aging.

With ultimate objective to have healthy and long life.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website and facebook

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