How to Brush Your Teeth Properly: Correct way of brushing teeth

We all need to properly and regularly brush our teeth on daily basis. It should be brushed twice a day as recommended by American Dental Association (AMA) and also by Pakistan Dental Association (PDA).

We all have been brushing our teeth since our childhood till to date every day, but this has been  observe most of the people are not following the recommended guidelines provided by the dentist for having healthy teeth and gum.


Properly brushing your teeth is very good for dental / gum care as well as for oral hygiene. It is recommended to brush your teeth each time for 2 minutes. Most of the people even don’t reach this target of 2 minutes brushing each time and twice a day. This is necessary to have healthy mouth and precious / presentable smile.

In this regard the Dental Association’s strongly advice the below mentioned steps are the best and easiest ways. These will help all of us how we take care of our mouth, teeth and gums:

  • Brush your teeth with soft brush regularly & twice a day. First thing in the morning and also brush it before going to bed.
  • The size and shape of the brush you use should be right and fit for you. Please also ensure that the tooth brush reaches all teeth and even it also cover front and back side of teeth’s for proper cleaning. F
  • Change your tooth brush after every three or four months or if the bristle are worn out and this will not do a good job to clean your teeth?
  • For good cleaning please ensure to use fluoride toothpaste, which is recommended by PDA & ADA.
  • Use dental floss every day, preferred time is before going to bed at night.
  • Visit your dentist for routine checkup at least once a year, it is better to visit twice a year.
  • For having healthy teeth and gum, limit the number of food or snacks intake per day and this should be healthy food and more of natural origin.

Brushing Techniques


  • For healthy teeth and gum we have to know and follow proper brushing techniques.
  • Please ensure to place tooth brush at 45 degree angle to the teeth and gum.
  • Apply pea size fluoride tooth paste at bristle of tooth brush
  • Than move gently the brush forward and backward as you are making strokes and ensuring proper cleaning of the teeth and gum.
  • We have to brush outer and inner surface as well as chewing surface of teeth,
  • We have to tilt the brush vertically and form up and down movement for proper cleaning of the inside surface of front teeth.
  • While about to reach 2 minutes teeth cleaning process, please always ensure to brush your tongue for fresh and pleasant breath plus get rid of bacteria’s.

 In above two paragraphs we all have learn how and why to brush your teeth daily but this is half of the story for complete routine and daily dental care. We need to go further and make sure to do more for good health of mouth such as.

  • Floss once a day at bedtime to ensure cleaning between the teeth and gum. In tooth decay which allows bacteria to be harbored in the spaces and they linger on. In such spaces it is difficult for tooth brush bristle to reach and ensure cleaning. Flossing once a day will help in removing food particles and plagues present between the teeth and also from under the gum line
  • Eat small portions of healthy and balance diet with short intervals.  Don’t overload yourself and give interval during meals.
  •  Visit to Dentist. We have to visit regularly to the dentist (at least once a year) for oral examination of mouth and if needed teeth and gum to be cleaned.


History of tooth brush development

If we go back 3500 BC to trace the tooth brushing history, before it was recorded in that era, people have used and tried variety of products for the dental care sand gum hygiene. This practice/ claims can be verified by worldwide excavation, which was done for that period. In these excavation it was found that people were using such as tree sticks, animal bones and bird feather for dental cleaning and oral hygiene.

In the era Babylonians which means 3500 BC which tells us they were also using chewing sticks, this is also known as Miswak or Siwak. Still today use of Miswak can be commonly observed in Muslim populated countries worldwide especially during the holy month of Ramadan, Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad PBUH strongly supported its usage as cleaning agent for mouth. He (PBUH) used to say Miswak usage makes teeth whiter, removes food residue which were stuck between teeth and gum, it strengthen the gums which surrounds teeth, stimulates the appetite and serves as laxative by opening the bowl

 First time Bristled tooth brush was used by Chinese in year 1600 A. The latest and modern tooth brush was invented in the later part of 1800thcentury and beginning of 1900th century,

In USA the first patented swine bristle tooth brush was registered in 1857 by H. N. Wadsworth but due to its high production cost it usage were very restricted despite its advantage and benefits. As the world progress as well as technology the swine Bristol were replaced by synthetic nylon fiber which was economical and within the reach of general public. Later in the 1900th century electric tooth brush was invented by Scotland in 1939 but its usage become known and popular in the era of 1960.

During the era of Greek and Roman their literature reported the use of wooden sticks known as tooth picks to remove the remain of foods and rubbish exists between the teeth.


Tooth paste

In tracing the history for the development of tooth paste or teeth cleaning agent, it’s began long time back in India and China in 500 BC. In the initial stages to clean teeth they used abrasives such as crushed bone or egg or oyster shell.

In second phase that is later on tooth powder make its mark and truly remarkable advancement, they use such as charcoal powder, salt and few flavoring agents to give fresh and pleasant breath.

The currently used and the modern tooth paste were developed in the 1800th century. With more research and advancement resulted in addition of new beneficial component to the tooth paste formulation such as chalk, soap and fluoride.

The addition of fluoride to tooth paste was reported in the year 1914 but the American Dental Association (ADA) was highly critical for its addition in its early stages. It took nearly half a century by ADA to finally convince and gave consent in 1960 for the use of fluoride in tooth paste.

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  1. Knowing how to properly brush teeth would be good for everyone to know. That way they are doing what they need to in order to keep their oral health great. Knowing that you need to brush your teeth for two minutes is super important to know as well. I don’t think most people brush for that long!

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