Heat Stroke sufferer in Pakistan may increase during last week of May 2018.

Chances of Heat Stroke sufferer within Pakistan may increase during last week of May 2018.

Below are the valuable guidelines:

How we can protect from heat stroke.

What we can do if we see a person suffering from heat stroke.

What are the warning signs for the victim who is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

This status is due to the severe spell of Heat Wave within the most area of Pakistan. This condition persists during the last week of May 2018. This is the second heat wave spell till to date within the year 2018

By Mahmood Hussain today 29th May 2018, writes articles and blogs to be published in www.babyfirst.com.pk BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook/babyfirst Pakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. The writer is from Karachi, Pakistan

Today morning as reported in electronic and print media, today’s temperature will rise during the day within the big cities of Pakistan will be :

Recorded temperature observed in few big cities of Pakistan today 29th May 2018,

Karachi 45 degree Celsius.

Lahore 44 degree Celsius

Sukkur 49 degree Celsius

Hyderabad 48 degree Celsius

Faisalabad 40 degree Celsius

Multan 44 degree Celsius

Nawabshah 47 degree Celsius

Peshawar 39 degree Celsius

Quetta 37 degree Celsius

Sargodha 45 degree Celsius

Sibi 47 degree Celsius

Bhawalpur 43degree Celsius

Dadu 47 degree Celsius


Today 29th May 2018 highest temperature of 50 degree Celsius recorded at the city of Turbat, Baluchistan Pakistan.

How to protect and prevent from Heat Stroke.

  • Avoid vigorous and laborious physical activities. This may increase the body temperature.
  • Eat small meals in the day, that may be 4-6 small meals in a day. Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated during the day.
  • Wear light color clothing and dress should be the loose fit, this may allow your body to regulate the body temperature.
  • Need to wear lightweight footwear such as sandal or shoes. The reason is cement footpath or road made of asphalt may damage, increase temperature and damage your feet.
  • Keep yourself away from rich protein food as these increases body metabolism and its temperature.
  • Keep moist with chilly water your body especially the wrist and face to cool down body temperature.
  • While the need to rest and sleep use lightweight cotton pillow and mattress, that allows heat to escape. Whereas if using the synthetic pillows, this retains the heat and increases temperature.
  • Use recommended sunblock when going out or exposing yourself to the scorching sun. It is good to use aloe vera also which has cooling and soothing effect.
  • Please make sure to never ever leave children or pet in the car despite you have put down the window for ventilation, Weather is extremely hot and likely chance the children and pet are expose,



How to manage and provide first aid to the people suffering from Heat Stroke.

Give him plenty of water to drink. Also, give him oral rehydrate salt (ORS) in water or lemon shikanjabeen. During this time in Pakistan is the Holy month of Ramadan and most of the people are fasting, immediately require is to break the fast.

Patient or sufferer to be given the shower and let him sit or lie down in front of the fan, this will encourage cooling down of the body and evaporation of sweetening.

If a patient is suffering from high-grade fever ranging between 105-108 degree Celsius, it is advisable to immerse him in chilled water either by putting the ice pack on the neck, back, armpits, groin and foot.

Fever due to exposure to the heat wave, the patient is exhausted. He/she should be placed in shade and cooler place, the place also should be airy and well ventilated, allow him /her to breath. An exhausted patient cannot be treated with medication, so please do not give him medicines.


Sign and symptoms of heat exhaustion or of sunstroke.

  • Breathing difficulty.
  • Increase in pulse/ heart rate.
  • Respiratory rate also increases.
  • Severe sweating and panting/breathlessness
  • Severe dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Skin becomes red hot and may stop sweetening totally.
  • High-grade fever 105-108 degree Celsius


If symptoms are not eased and alleviated, immediately seek medical advice and visit urgently health care provider.


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