Heat Stroke: How to protect yourself during hot summer

Prevent yourself and your loved ones during the scorching summer from heat stroke

Karachi April 14, 2017. Please make sure to drink lot of water and keep yourself and your love ones hydrated.  This will avoid heat stroke in the sizzling summer. During sizzling summer the temperature rises to 40 degree Centigrade and above. This may sometimes reach between 45 to 48 degree Celsius during peak daytime.

heat stroke pakistan karachi 2017

During the 2nd week of April,2017 in Karachi and province in Sindh temperature was recorded above 40 degree Centigrade and this will persist for another three days as per weather forecast. Now the summer season is on and the high-temperature will persist in most of Pakistan.

On Monday April11, 2017 the mercury touched 40.5 degree in Karachi, which is having population of more than 20 million. Nawabshah and Mithi the two cities of Sindh were hottest place and the temperature recorded was 43 degree.   In few more cities of Sindh temperature exceeded more than 40 degree, such as Hyderabad and Sukkur where 42 degree centigrade were recorded.

Suffering from Heat or Sun Stroke?

In most of the affected individual of Heat Stroke, can be manage by giving or replenishing water along with ORS or sports drink. If Patient is with illness please refer to the physician. Heat Stroke occur when individual body temperature exceeds 104 degree Fahrenheit or 40 degree centigrade. Heat stroke is predictable and also preventable. Please follow the recommended steps to prevent or avoid heat stroke during sizzling and hot weather:

  • Cool yourself down
  • Eat high water content food such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water or fluid to remain hydrated. Which means extra fluid to the body.
  • Wear light color and soft clothes with loose fitting. Protect your head by cap or floppy hat.
  • Avoid exposure to sun during peak hours of the day to protect yourself from Sun burn. Use recommended sun screen for protection.
  • Take cool shower and regularly sprinkle water on your expose part of body when you are out during sunny day
  • Avoid maximum exposure to the sun during the hottest time of the day.
  • Spent most of the peak sizzling time in shade
  • Take precaution with certain medication prescribe by your physician.
  • Get yourself familiar or adjusted with hot weather.
  • Never leave individual in vehicle such as car, motor cycle or open space lorry.

heat stroke prevention chart

How to treat heat stroke in less emergency state?

In less emergency state which is resulting in heat cramps or fatigue and exhaustion, we all need to follow below recommended steps to reduce the body temperature of victim or yourself.

  • He or she may move in shade and open place to breath normally or move in airconditioned place.
  • Rehydrate sufferer with water along with ORS or sports drink.
  • Provide cool shower, wet her or him with water especially open part of the body
  • Cool down sufferer with wet and damp clothes and fan.
  • Avoid giving sugary or fizzy or sparkling drink

In the end, I will say and recommend the following. If we notice the following symptoms such as overheating, high body temperature, dry or red skin, an increase / rapid  pulse rate, severe headache or feeling of dizziness, than it is recommended to go to nearby hospital immediately for proper management.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan for social media such as website, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc

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