Heat Stroke Prevention: Heat stroke in Karachi 2016

It is highly important, how do we prevent our self and family members from heatstroke during the hot summer?

18 May, 2016: As per report of Pakistan Metrological Department the temperature in various cities has risen to critical level during week starting from 15th May 2016. So heat stroke prevention is very important.

Heat Stroke Prevention Heat stroke in Karachi 2016

Very old saying is very nicely apply here in case of heat stroke during this hot weather “Prevention is better than cure” I will further add even the management of heat stroke patient is tough and of very serious nature.

This year during the month of May 2016 in Pakistan very hot summer is persisting.  High temperature approaching 40°C or above is recorded in  major cities of Pakistan. Very hot summer is on its peak. .

Likely this weather will continue for week to ten days starting from 15 to 25 May 2016 as per forecast of Pakistan Metrological department.

Temperature recorded in most part of the country during 15-18 May, 2016 is reproduced below:

  • Lahore 45°C
  • Faisalabad 44°C
  • Hyderabad 48°C
  • Multan 45°C
  • Rawalpindi 39°C
  • Peshawar 39°C
  • Karachi 38°C equivalent to 45°C
  • Sukkur 47°C
  • Quetta 38°C.

Due to extreme heat “excessive sweating can result in dehydration, and this will be leading to heat exhaustion.”

It is generally advice to remain in-door as much as possible especially at noon time (11:00 am to 03:00 pm) and don’t unnecessarily expose yourself to heat or sun. Stay in cool and dry place.

Heat Stroke Prevention Heat stroke in Karachi 2016

Tribune daily of India also reported and cover today (18 May, 2016) on this topic, as per Indian Metrological Department (IMD) they issued ‘severe heat wave’ warning for public of north and central part of India.

Ahmedabad today recorded temperature of 46.9 °C degrees and the city was really boiling.

IMD also issued warning for severe heat which may persist for next three days in part of Gujarat, West & East of Rajasthan, East of Uttar Pradesh and East of Madhya Pradesh

Heat stroke occurs if an individual has been exposing to hot / sizzling weather for a long period. The condition can be due to labor work, physical activities or exposing or sitting in hot condition.

In sun stroke the body temperature raises to 103°F (40°C) or more reaching up to 105°F. This condition is referred as life threatening and need emergency treatment.

If the condition prevails and it remains untreated for longer period it will damage vital organs of the body and may also lead to death.

Heat Stroke Prevention Heat stroke in Karachi 2016

Heat Stroke Prevention: How to prevent oneself

Sun stroke or heat stroke is life threatening but this can be avoided if we follow the advice and guidelines provided below. The most important is to remain cool (avoid unnecessary exposure to heat) and remain hydrated means to take liquid or water intake frequently.

Below are the guidelines:

  • Wear loose and light color clothes.
  • Avoid maximum exposure during 11:00 am to 03:00 pm during the severe hot weather at all time.
  • Maintain as well as increase fluid intake to avoid dehydration. This is one of the major causes of complication in hot weather.
  • Avoid to the maximum to be sun burn. If necessary going out please wear cap or hat to avoid direct exposure.

It has been observed that some people park the car and leave their children or their elderly in the car.  It is advised to never leave them in car when it is very hot. This has been observed a cause of heat stroke especially among children.

This has been reported in USA during 1998 to 2012 nearly 500 children died who were left inside the car during hot summer out of which 75% children were under the age of 2 year.

If public follow the simple guidelines as mentioned above to avoid getting heat stroke.  They all need to apply simple common sense to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun in day time.  Heatstroke is taken lightly as well as routine and its severity undermined.

To summarize: during these hot days when temperature is ranging between 35-45 or still more, wear loose and light color clothes,  have a cold water bottle with you and  stay under shade and cool place during day time i.e. from 11:00 am to 03:00 pm..


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan


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