Heartburn (acidity) and how to manage it

Heartburn (acidity) is also referred as acid reflux or Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disorder (GERD).
This occurs due to lower end esophagus function is also impair, Due to the improper function of upper part of digestive system, that is mainly involving lower esophageal sphincter and stomach, the food eaten and acid reflex back into upper end of digestive system known as food pipe or esophagus from stomach.

heartburn acidity

This poor reflex mechanism leads to heartburn or acid reflux. This condition may be due to eating heavy diet or may be due to certain medications which disturb the inner lining of stomach and loosening of lower esophageal sphincter (food pipe).

In one of the report it is mention approximately 42% of the United States population suffer from heartburn at some point in their life.

Adult over 40 have in the ratio of 36-77% with symptoms of GERD (heartburn, regurgitation of acid etc.). The prevalence ratio in male and female are equal.

Below is the statistics representing incidence of acid reflex in population:

7% have daily heartburn

14-20% has weekly heartburn

15-50% has monthly heartburn

Below are few recommendations to improve the symptoms of heartburn:

heartburn acidity

  • Avoid rich & fatty foods
  • Stop taking caffeine, chocolate, spicy foods, mint and some medications which damages internal lining of stomach, until or unless it is advised as essential medicine by the physicians to treat other symptoms.
  • Try to avoid going to bed after heavy meal, if so please than wait for2-3 hours. Good to have light dinner meal and this should be taken 2-3 hours before going to bed for sleep.
  • Eat less than your hunger it is recommended to avoid over eating. Then there will no load to be on stomach and belly. Eat in 4-5 small meals in day.
  • Chew your food properly and eat slowly.
  • Loose body weight especially from belly.
  • Dress should be light, loose and comfortable.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol immediately. Nicotine may leads to loosening of lower part of esophageal sphincter.
  • Heart burn is recognized by the feeling of burning sensation in chest.
  • The feeling of burning sensation in the chest may be due to our unhealthy eating habits, our eating patterns and the food is not up-to the mark in terms of quality of life. (QOL)

heartburn acidity

In most of cases initially person can manage the discomfort of heartburn with altering his dietary habit. Secondly this can also be managed with the available antacid at pharmacies. If no improvement or temporary relive is observe due to above two recommended method. This patient is advice to visit the physician or consultant Gastroenterologist and follow his advice and guideline to treat symptoms. Now very good and potent remedies are available to treat GERD.

Written by: Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

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