Healthy Food: Apple is the most majestic fruit

Apple is the most tasty and majestic creation of nature for mankind on this earth. This is one of the healthiest fruit for our consumption. Its a good example of healthy food and contains necessary ingredients for our growth and immunization.

There are two very old and famous sayings about Apple in the west that is

  • An Apple in day keeps doctor away
  • Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.

taste of green apple is very different and its healthy food

It is pomaceous fruit (fleshy with central core) and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is cultivated across the globe especially in Asia and Europe. There are more than 7500 kinds of apple in different colors and aroma, red, yellow, light golden and green are the most common colors of apples. This sweet juicy fruit is a perfect meal at the time of hunger, can be eaten raw, its juice also quenches the thirst and boosts instant energy in human body as well.

Apple as a healthy food


Since apples have numbers of health benefits, specially its nutritional value as healthy food. This fruit is enriched with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and other very vital organic compounds.

Most essential vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin 6 and riboflavin (B1) are the major nutritional elements of this peerless fruit. Apples are the quite unique source of minerals like copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. This food also meets the dietary fiber demand of human body.

Thus an apple provides 12% of daily fiber requirement of the human body. The most vital compound of apple is called Phytonutrient (fleshy with central core), this compound enhances vigor in the body. It is quite proven that if a medium size apple is eaten 15 minutes before any meal then it reduces 15% of appetite, resulting 15% less intake of calories in human body, in this way this fruit helps in maintaining and controlling human body weight as well.

Role of apple in human digestive system


Since apples are very rich in dietary fiber so it helps in the process of digestion. Daily intake of apple in human body regularizes the smooth movements of bowel, which plays a pivotal role in preventing many stomach and intestine related human body disorders. Especially this fruit acts as a preventing agent to constipation which is root cause of piles and many human body disorders. Although we know that this fruit is enriched of many vital minerals, vitamins and fiber so it very effectively stimulates gastric juice system which results in increase of nutrient uptake in the body. This fruit enhances main bacterial functions in large intestine and it improves metabolism in our body. Thus apple leads an important and healthy role in our digestive system.

How does an apple in a day keep doctor away?


There are two very old and famous sayings about apple in west that “ An Apple in day keeps doctor away” and “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

The researchers have found many health benefiting reasons for that specially the antioxidant functions of apple which is very helpful for healthy body. It reduces the Oxidation in human body system because oxidation of fats is very essential for human cardiovascular system. This function reduces main risk factor of clogging of arteries which is called atherosclerosis in medical term. The most charismatic benefit of eating apple on human health system is that the Antioxidation property of apple detects timely extra and bad cholesterol and pulls it out from arteries and veins, which reduces the chances of Heart attacks. The apple is such phenomenal fruit that its nutrient contents work as anti-inflammatory agent and give strength to our cardiovascular system.

“Ein Apfel läßt Sie am Morgen nie Zahnarzt ” An apple in the morning never lets you to dentist.

This is very latest German saying about benefits of apple, It says an apple in the morning never lets you to go to dentist , This fruit promotes health .When an apple is eaten in the morning then firstly its fiber contents cleans our teeth and it kills all type of bacteria in human mouth and it works as mouth wash. It also reduces tooth decay resulting shining healthy teeth for healthy life. Therefore apple have become the very essential part of food in Europe especially in Germany, apple slat, juice and cakes with other backed and cocked dishes are very famous due to its taste and healthy benefits.

Apple regulates sugar level in human body

Red apple is a good example of healthy food

Apple regulates sugar level in human body system to some extent, This fruit is very well capable of influencing human digestive system including carbohydrates absorption in our body, it slowdowns the carbohydrate digestion which is very helpful for regularizing sugar level in our body. Apple helps our body system to clear extra sugar from our blood and it keeps sugar level in balance. Although this is relatively new research and a number of food scientist are focusing on this beneficial aspect of this fruit.

Apple as an Anti-Cancer agent

red apple juice very healthy food

Apple is the one of the unique fruit which has shown preliminary positive results regarding benefits for preventing many type of cancer. It is found in researches that apple has shown remarkable results regarding reductions of risk for cancer especially Colon cancer, Breast cancer and Lungs cancer. Even food scientists have discovered its healing properties on Asthma.

Apple is a fruit full of miraculous results on human body, it improves our immune system makes healthy life.


Written by: (Ahmed Karim) Karachi

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