Hand Washing & its importance in daily life

It is highly important we keep our hands clean and dry. This help in protecting our selves from getting sick as well also protecting others especially your dear ones and babies. If proper recommended hand washing techniques are not observed such as washing hands with soap and wiping both hands with running and clean water this may lead in spreading disease and condition.

Proper washing your both hands with soap will prevents from two disease or syndrome, which is worldwide major cause of number of death in children; mainly they are diarrhea and acute lower respiratory tract infection.

Hand washing on routine basis and daily bath also prevent impetigo: which is a contagious infection of the skin caused by gram positive bacteria known as staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria. The disease is characterized by blisters that form yellow-brown scabs

importance of handwashing in hot season for healthy life

Hand washing techniques:

Proper hand washing and keeping dry and clean hand is very important to remain healthy for yourself as well as to your loved ones and others associated with you.

Commonly many of the diseases are spread by not washing our hands properly with soap and clean / running water.

Scientifically research paper and data has proved it and also provided guidance how to wash your hand effectively by clean /running water and soap for healthy living for yourself and people associated with you or in contact with you.

They also recommend using hand sanitizer to protect you and spreading it to others, when proper hand washing facility is not available or you are travelling or moving out or may be  trust worthy source of cleaning is not available.

Bacteria and microbes (not visible to naked eye) are present all around us and on our body. These may be not harmful to us or they may be virulent, which means may cause infection.

Those microbes which can cause disease are term as pathogens, means they have the potential / capacity to cause infection whenever they are provided ideal conditions to infect us.

If hands are not properly washed this is harmful to the children who are around us,

Nearly 1.6 million children die every year before they attain the age of 5 years due to mainly two diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia.

wash your hand frequently in summer to protect

Hand washing with soap and running water may surely protect:

About 1 out of every 3 young children who get sick with diarrhea,

Almost protect 1out of 5 young children with respiratory infections such as pneumonia.

Although people around the world normally clean their hands with water, very few use soap to wash their hands. Washing hands with soap removes germs much more effectively.

It is recommended to the school management and parents to educate children for hand washing technique along with the use soap and running water in schools, this can help in improving attendance.

Educating good hand washing in early in child hood means 2-3 years of age may help to improve child development and enjoy quality of life,.

Hand washing technique:

  • First put your hands under clean and running water to wet it properly.
  • Later apply soap on your both hanfd and properly lather it to fully cover both hands uptill ankle. Please ensure to cover front as well as back side of your hands and spread soap lather between fingers and ensure to covers your nail also.
  • The scrubbing techniques of soap may please be applied for 20-30 second. This should fully cover your hand, finger and nails with lather. This will likely to clear of your hand from bacteria / germs after washing your hand with running and clean water.
  • After washing your hand please ensure to dry your washed hand with clean and dry towel or tissue paper.

how to wash hand and keep your hands clean in hot season

How germs are spread and cause infection:

Finding suggests feces / stool are important source of spreading infection either source is of human or animals. The Feces are important source of two mainly bacteria that is Salmonella and Escherichia Coli (commonly refer as E Coli).  If human being is infected by Salmonella species it causes typhoid. If E Coli is the causative agent this may lead to the cause of diarrhea mainly. Occasionally Shigella dysenteriae is also find to be the cause of diarrhea and vomiting. This also spread by using contaminated food and unhygienic / unsafe drinking water.

This contamination often spread by hands which is not properly washed after cooking food.  These contain these above referred bacteria. While cooking food we touch with our spoiled hands our face, nose or eyes.. This potentiate the cause of infection

This is common and observed this likely to spread mostly in hot / dry summer weather and also during monsoon rainy season in our region where also our country Pakistan falls that is In Asia.  Other microbes such as virus may also cause diarrhea, respiratory infection and hand-foot-mouth infection.

The above mentioned causative agents or microbes reside on the hand after using toilet or while changing diaper of the baby. Occasionally they spread in people who are handling raw meat or poultry meat which may be infected due to poop / feces.

It is evaluated that stool or feces are very rich source of infection and the presence of microbes in trillions per square cm area.  They are quite capable of rapidly multiplying if ideal condition is provided to penetrate or ingested in human host.


Written by: Mahmood Hussain for Baby First 22 April 2016

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