Guidelines and advice for the senior citizen to stay away from injuries.


Guidelines and advice for the senior citizen to stay away from injuries.

By Mahmood Hussain 01st October 2017 article and blog are written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook/babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as Linkedin, Twitter and so on.

This very important and informative article/blog I have picked up from my Whatsapp group, with the courtesy of Shakeel Siddiqui world famous artist who shared with us.  The headline of it is “Advice to Senior” He is our primary school colleague falling in a group with the name of Happy Dale School (HDS) posted on 01st October 2017 as well as 10th Muharram (Ashura) in Pakistan.

Senior citizen needs to take care when it comes to their health and enjoy the life.

When the people of either sex attain old aged or are above 60 years, may have various health problems. This may affect the body and mind. Few of the health problems are unavoidable and do come with the progressing age. To avoid or delay the onset, the senior citizen may need to take the number of steps to preserve good health during this era. Follow the following guidelines for good health:

  • Healthy diet plan
  • Regular physical activity.
  • Sound and good sleep of 7-8 hours per day.


Below is physical activity plan for Senior citizens.

If you plan and determine as an old or adult citizen to perform regular exercise or physical activity. Then you should plan to spend a minimum of 150 minutes in a week for mild to moderate physical activities in five divided days.  These physical activities should include walking, cycling, and swimming. Secondly do focus on strengthening your muscle, its flexibility, and balance. This is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA. Although it seems much activity for this age group 65 or above. If needed these can be split in evening and morning in a day, each session having the duration of 12-15 minutes.


Baby First Pakistan articles or blogs mostly focus on young adults (16-40 adults) and Babies having the age of 0-6 years. Till to date on 106 articles on our

This specific article, the young adults can share with their elder people such as parents, grandparents, uncle, aunty and their mother in law/father in laws. They are likely to approach or already surpassed their age of the retirement. Which means they are 65years or older.

As mentioned by Shakeel Siddiqui a study:

Which states In United States it shows over 51% of old people fall while climbing stairs. Every year many American people are killed by climbing stairs.


Expert Reminders and guidance.

After attaining the age of 65 years following 10 actions to be avoided.

  1. Don’t climb the stairs. If it is essential than climb stairs by firmly holding firmly the railing.
  2. Avoid to rapidly twist your head. Firstly warm up your body.
  3. Refrain from bending your body to touch your toes. Please first warm up your whole body
  4. Do not wear your pant/trouser or pajama /shalwar in standing position. Wear your any of these while sitting down.
  5. Avoid sitting up when lying face up. Please sit up from one side (position) while placing your body either in a left or righthand side.
  6. Refrain from twisting the body before workout or exercise. Please warm up your bod first.
  7. Do not walk backward. Falling in backward position can result in severe injury. This activity may or can be performed by young and middle-aged adults if needed.
  8. Avoid bending the waist to lift heavy object or weight. If needed than first bend your knees than lift heavy objects while half bending or squatting.
  9. Do not get up fast from the bed, please wait for few minutes before getting up from the bed.
  10. Don’t put extra force during defection (excretion, passing or discharging of feces). Let it come naturally.


The scientific research speeded up with great pace during last 70 years which means after world war II. This resulted in extending the lifespan of the human being. Now a day’s people lifespan has increased. This is also very essential that you don’t suffer from condition or disease which may also affect the quality of life.

To keep yourself with better health after the retirement age nutrition plays a key role in preventing diet-related disease/disorders besides following regular bearable physical activities. Below are few tips for the healthy diet for elderly people or who will join in coming years.


Kindly ensure all three meals has the reasonable or modest amount of protein, for example, eat lentils, beans, meat, fish, cheese or egg. Fish is recommended to eat twice a week this provide mega 3 fat which is an antioxidant as the well rich source of protein.

In your, each meal ensures to include one or two portions of fruits and vegetables. If vegetable needed to soften, slightly boil the vegetable which can be easily chewed, include also green leafy vegetables in the diet.

Drink enough water or fluid to meet your daily need. In this age group due to poor bladder control which leads to frequent urge for urination.  Due to it, they choose to drink less fluid. This may lead to dehydration, which may affect body cell activity, mental agility, skin dryness and constipation.  What is really needed to drink more liquid or fluid.


In the daily meal, this should comprise of whole grain starchy food. These foods provide fiber, which is good for health and will help in preventing constipation. Such rich fiber foods are whole wheat bread, brown rice, multigrain bread, tandoori roti or whole wheat and chappati.

In our daily diet, these people need to cut down on salty food as well as sugary and fatty ingredients. It means to reduce or avoid bakery items such biscuits, cakes, nankhatai, and in breakfast, cut such as puris and parathas, these items are rich in highly saturated fats because they are cook extensively in oil containing unsaturated fatty acids such as canola, corn, sunflower and olive oil.

The article is written by Mahmood Hussain for          Baby First Pakistan for social media such as website, Facebook/babyfirstpk, Linkedin, twitter etc.

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