Flu also known as seasonal Influenza

Prevent yourself and love ones by yearly vaccination to all family members

Influenza commonly refer as FLU this is contagious and it is transmittable or spreadable respiratory infection. This is caused by influenza virus. Flu normally or mainly infect the nose, wind pipe passage and lungs. As per CDC finding and the reports published this is mentioned. It is very difficult to predict when Flu season starts, it varies from region to region even with in the same country. Secondly it is dependent also on season ability.


This has been observed seasonal flu starts from mid-September and normally it last till mid of May next year. Flu is viral infection which can be of mild to moderate in nature and occasionally can lead to severe illness. If condition leads to severe respiratory distress which may result in hospitalization or this may occasionally lead to death. High risk patient are older people and also people who are suffering from certain metabolic health disorder. Flu is risky infection in very young children too, they may suffer from serious Flu condition because of their week body defense system and their inability to cope up with Flu virus.

The best way to protect yourself and your love ones is to vaccinate all members on yearly basis when new strains are identified and available.

Vaccinate all family members to prevent them from catching Flu

To prevent yourself and your family member from Flu, it is recommended all of you should be vaccinated (with current year identified strain) every year at this time means from mid of September, mainly when autumn season is on. This Flu season starts from mid-September and onward.

FLU Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms of FLU. People who are suffering from it normally feel all or some of these below mentioned symptoms such as:


  • Sore throat with irritation
  • Headache
  • Having fever or patient feel feverish with chillness.
  • Watery or running nose
  • Cough with intensity
  • Body or muscular pain.
  • Feeling of tiredness or fatigue

To keep in mind all people suffering from FLU it is not essential they all have fever. In few cases especially in children, it is very rare or occasional they may have vomiting or may suffer from diarrhea also.

How Flu catches others

There are two possibilities to catch FLU as highlighted by experts, will be mentioned below.

Flu virus spread mainly from infected people to others via droplet made when the patient cough, talk or sneeze. These droplet which are spread by infected people mainly land in the mouth, nose of other people who are near to him or her. It has been observed occasionally or rarely people get infected by touching the surfaces which may contain FLU virus and later on  they touch their mouth, nose or eyes which may lead to Flu.

 Overall Flu is contagious / spreadable disease

influenza-virusA person may be able to spread Flu to others, before they came to know he or she is sick and suffering from Flu. This has been observe the healthy adults may infect others a day earlier before the symptom appears and this condition last for 5-7 days after onset of Flu symptoms..

This has also been observed by experts, especially in case of Flu to young baby and adults with weak body defense, they normally refer as people with weak immune system may be able to infect other people even for longer period.

Onset of Flu Symptom

The time of onset of Flu symptom in a person who is exposed to flu virus is 1-4 days. This means symptoms begin to appear after exposure of 1 to 4 days, whereas average time in healthy adult is about 2 days from the date of exposure.

Serious complication do arises if Flu is not properly taken care.

The complications may include bacterial pneumonia, nasal congestion, sinus infection, ear infection and dehydration. To effectively safe guard and avoid any complication during Flu virus physician do give antibiotic for secondary cover.  In patient with chronic medical conditions the cases may get worse in congestive heart failure, diabetes and asthma.

How to protect from Flu

The best way to protect yourself and your dear ones is to have Flu vaccination to all family members, by mid of September every year.


CDC strongly recommends and suggest actions to be adopted to protect yourself, such as:

  • Stay away from person who is sick.
  • Cover yourself with mask if you are near to such patient who is coughing and sneezing because of FLU condition.
  • Frequent proper hand washing along with soap.
  • If Flu sufferer is employee and working he or she should be granted leave for 3-4days which will help in not spreading to his or her colleagues in office.
  • The same may please be applied in school going children to avoid spreading FLU to others, child should rest at home to avoid further complications and its severity.

These simple precautionary measures will help in delaying the spread of germs which may cause respiratory illness like Flu that may also involve in infection of nose, throat and lungs for 3-4 days

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

About Mahmood Hussain

Professional Experience More than 36 years work experience in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectorDirector & General Manager Baby First (Pvt.) Ltd Pakistan March 2011 – till to date I have been associated with Baby First (Pvt) Ltd for more than 5 years. It is advisory, community and social interaction medium for parents 16-38 years and babies 0-6 years.General Manager Aga Khan Health Service Pakistasn December 2005 – December 2007 (2 years 1 month)Based at Karachi Pakistan Worked as General Manager managing Karachi & Baluchistan Health care services of AKHSP which includes primary and secondary health care centers and diagnostic centers on all areas nearly 102 centers which include three leading hospitals in Karachi.General Manager Janssen Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) February 1998 – January 2005 (7 years)Education MBA, Marketing 1995 – 1996, Preston University MSc, Biochemistry 1970 – 1974, Karachi University

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