Feeding your Baby: Breastfeeding or Bottle

You both as parents and especially the mother role to decide what is the best way of feeding baby. Strongly recommended exclusive breast milk for six months to the baby and in later stages after six month till to 2 years baby may be breast fed as supplement. It is establish fact and well documented the benefits of breastfeeding over the bottle feeding. There are reasons & the medical experts say breastfeeding is the best.

feeding baby: breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

How much the expert’s stress, such as lactation consultant or pediatrician or nurses and they communicate the benefits of breastfeeding over top feed and they ask mother’s to breast feed their baby but still gap persist and it need constant hammering.

This aspect needs to be discussed with parents in detail. The reason for it is parents especially mother is the decision maker and implementer.

The benefits of breastfeeding is, baby getting nourished and to achieve this mother needs to remain happy and at ease.

The health worker/professional who works closely with mother and baby for quality of life, they fully support breastfeeding where it is possible. They strongly recommend exclusive breast milk for six months to the baby. In later stages after six month till to 2 years baby may be breast fed as supplement.

Breastfeeding benefits for Mother

breastfeeding benefits for mother and child baby

For you, there are many health benefits. Breastfeeding gives important protection from several cancers including ovarian and breast cancer. It lowers the risk osteoporosis.

This can also save time of mother up to 6-8 hours weekly in terms of cleaning, washing and preparing bottle for top feed.

In bottle feeding to baby still the possibility of infection despite all necessary precaution taken care in terms of hygiene.

Thirdly there is cost saving during first six month and rest of the period of 18 month also.

Benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk for child

The biggest advantage is it is perfect food for baby provided by Almighty.

Breast milk provides all necessary ingredients which are needed for development and growth of baby. It provides also antibodies which passes through breast milk from mother to baby which are necessary to boost baby immunity and immunity system. Due to breastfeeding baby have lower risk of developing diarrhea and respiratory tract infection during infancy. Breastfeeding also provide good airway passage as well it helps to shape the baby jaw and placement of teeth.

Strong bonding establish during Breastfeeding

bottle feeding baby

The time you and baby spent together during breastfeeding it helps in creating strong bonding. You have to be fully devoted during feeding. You have to concentrate leaving the entire job you have during breastfeeding. Secondly mother may likely to have sore nipples during initial period of feeding. It is normal and goes away soon. Your delicate skin of your nipple and breast get used to it soon.

In initial stages of breastfeeding may or may not come easily, it may be because of mother or baby itself. During stay at hospital for delivery or in later stages help and support of nurses, midwives and pediatrician is always available for you.

In certain few cases mothers who can’t feed the baby or secondly mothers don’t wish to breast feed their baby. Than only choice is bottle feeding.

Pediatrician, the medical experts/support you have and we still persist for breastfeeding and it is right, healthy and appropriate for both of you. Now it’s up to you as mother whatever method you decide that is breast or bottle feeding or a combination of the these two. It is requested to you to enjoy this amazing time with your baby.


Having right decision will provide you with greater confidence and will provide you to cherish this lovely and intimate time with baby..


 This article is written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website and facebook, 18 January 2016


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