Fasting During Pregnancy in The Month of Ramadan

Pregnancy: how to manage fast during Ramadan

Month of Ramadan in year 2016 is observed in the month of June and July. This means fasting to be observe in extreme summer and hot weather. This will likely to fall in most of the Muslim living countries of the world. Which includes even our country Pakistan?

Below article will mainly focus on how pregnant lady can make fasting easier during her pregnancy.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the faithful fast from dawn to dusk and strive to be more spiritual, dutiful and religious during this Holy month.

Please manage and ensure to drink plenty of water (5-8 glass) during the duration of Iftar and Sehri to prevent dehydration.

fasting in pregnancy ramadan holy month

Please ensure do not limit your food intake to two meals that is Ifar (open fast at or after Magreb prayer means at sunset) and sehr (before Fajr Azan means predawn meal)

Recommended is to have few small portions meals. This should be nutritious meal during allotted time passage from  Iftar to Sehr. You follow the advice and not to over eat or not to fill your stomach; this will maintain your weight and less likely to have indigestion or heart burn, also no feeling of laziness and constipation.

This has been observed during pregnancy mothers may be more prone to suffer from above mentioned symptoms.

So far no specific meal is recommended for pregnant women to open her fast.  Mostly health and nutrition expert recommend eating healthy, nutrient value food and also keep yourself hydrated (dink minimum of 4-6 glass of water) during allowed time period in month of Ramadan.

Below are few guidelines to open your fast at Iftar and carry it on later part of night till seher.

Open your fast

  • With 2-3 dates which is rich in fiber and carbohydrate.
  • One glass of fresh fruit juice or milk or lassi (yoghurt)
  • Fruit smoothie with milk and yoghurt. Adding ice and fruit makes it is more refreshing drink. Will provides our daily recommended fruit allowance.
  • After Magreb Prayer take some fresh and green leafy vegetable as a salad.
  • Take a bowl of soup of chicken (Yaghni) or vegetable.
  • In between make sure to drink at least 1-2 glass of water.

open fast in pregnancy ramadan dates

Later on in night after a gap of 1-2 hours eat the following balance and healthy food, such as chicken or meat or fish which is good source of protein. Other commonly found good source of protein are chick peas (commonly known as Kabuli channa), beans and lentils that is known as Dal.

To have carbohydrate, we can take it from whole wheat bread (Roti made from chakki atta), rice especially if it is brown rice

Do not forget to consume essential good amount of vegetable and fresh season fruits such as Melon, water melon, king of fruit mango, peach, plumb and list goes so on.

Please drink at least 1 glass of water before the dinner meal to consume right amount of water

Avoids the below mentioned most commonly available foods especially during Ramadan at Iftar time.

Avoid deep fried items such as pakoray, jaleebi, samosay, namak paray, fried chicken, pizza and all types of roll such as spring and chicken roll.

These all items are fatty and rich in oil. They do not provide recommended healthy nutrition where as they fill our stomach or lead to bloating or ballooning of stomach, which may cause acidity or heart burn or even leads to stomach upset. These foods may also cause diarrhea and nausea.

 fasting during pregnancy ramadan pregnant woman doctor

Normally craving or desire for dessert is also very much observed at time of opening of fast.  Rich and fatty source of food are very commonly available at time Iftar on table in shape of jaleebi, sweet custard, gulab jamun, cakes and many more. Please avoid and hold back your self from these items, instead of it take a small bowl of fresh fruit salad which is also normally available along with all the remaining items on iftar table.

 All above mentioned items were very much available on Iftar time and afterward till mid night.

Second important aspect of fasting during Ramadan is time of Suhoor or it is commonly refer  as Sehri.

What to eat at Sehri during pregnancy the important meal

Sehri is also very important meal in the month of Ramadan, especially during the hot summer months of June and July. Taking Sehri importance is more than iftar because it keeps your energy level during entire day when you are fasting for 14-15 hours a day in this year of 2016.

If you skip Sehri than it may give hungry feeling  during later part of day and still hours to away to open your fast. Your energy level will goes down, may be have feeling of headache and may also feel drowsy and lethargy.

Sehri meal should be light but moderately filing which should provide sufficient calories for many hours of the day. It is recommended at Sehri to eat high fiber diet as well food rich in carbohydrate; such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread (roti) , grains or daliya with milk. These foods if you eat it take longer time to break down, absorb and digest in your body. So due to this property you feel better most of the time during the day.

Please manage to drink 1-2 glass of water either before start of sehri food or after finishing sehri with a definite time interval. It is essential to keep body hydrated to a certain extent.


Article is written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website and facebook

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