Exercise regularly for Good Health & Fitness

For good and quality of life, regular exercise or physical activity is very essential. It is readily available to us, only we need to give priority and organize to avail this miracle cure.

Inactive life is also term as “silent killer” by the Health authorities and doctors

importance of regular exercise for healthy life style

By doing regular exercise, we can reduce chances of having many illness that is diabetes which is now days as well as in coming days is major cause of concern, hypertension (High Blood pressure),  disease of heart, bone disease such as osteoarthritis / osteoporosis, stroke of any type and cancer also.

With regular exercise chances are to reduce 50% incidence from above mentioned sickness. Second advantage is we lower the risk by 30% for early death also.

 One of major concern is at what age and stage of life we should exercise  to communicate  all of you there are strong scientifically documented  evidence suggest that doing regular exercise and physically active will lead to healthy and happier life at all age of life.

Regular exercise is recommended for all age group such as children below 5 of age, young boys, adults and people over and above the age of even 65 years.

Beside these benefits the research shows that with regular physical activities we can elevate our mood, quality of sleep and also excellent for boosting self-esteem. Also we can reduce stress level, overcome depression / dementia. The most important is reduce chances of Alzheimer or delay the process if it. It may likely to happen after the age of 70 or more.

Benefits of Exercise

Above we have provided you the great / real benefits of doing exercise and also highlighted disadvantage of not doing it regularly and to adopt it as habit.  We all know at one time in life we all have to depart from this world but the matter is of quality life which we all want to live and we are eager to manage it.

exercise regularly for good health and fitness

It is scientifically proven by medical research which states that: people, who do regular physical activity, will have less chances of below mentioned disease in term of %.

  • Risk of early death may be reduced by 30%.
  • Coronary heart disease and stroke can be reduced by 35%.
  • In case of diabetes type 2 with regular exercise reduce its risk by 50%.
  • Reduce risk on cancer such as breast by 20% and colon by 50%.
  • With regular physical activity reduce the risk of osteoarthritis by 80% and 66% of lower hip fracture.
  • Dementia and depression in both incidences it is reduce by 30%.

 What is essential to stay healthy?

For healthy and quality of life it is recommended for adult they should be active in their routine life and make themselves commitment to spend 150-180 hours per week for various physical activities.

In other words devote 40 minutes a day for 5 days a week for yourself either by mix use such as doing walk or cycling, or swimming or work out. The above recommended minimum time require by you for exercise and make sure you have to devote for yourself. If you can devote more time of 60-75 minutes per day, this will be still be much better for healthy and quality of life.

importance of regular exercise for health

During exercise (moderate level) it is essential for you to do cardiac/aerobic exercise with objective to raise your heart rate, speedy breathing, sweetening lot and your body has warmth feeling. These are referred as moderate physical activities. During this type of exercise still you can talk moderately.

If you perform rigorous (laborious) physical activity it is more beneficial for quality life.

With vigorous exercise the heart rate increases, breathing much faster/ harder and sweating a lot, it means you are burning calories and it is likely you may cut down your body fats. During rigorous exercise it is very difficult for you to speak few words without catching up your breath.

Inactive live style is burden

Now day’s due to lot of inventions and comforts, the life becomes sedentary it means inactive, most of the time spend while sitting and confine to desk bound activity. Inactive life is described as “silent killer” by the various Health Authorities.

regular exercise for health & fitness

We all have to work on raising our physical activity level and promise ourselves and to our family to reduce daily time spend while sitting together. The common place for sedentary life style is sitting in front of TV, spending time on laptop / tablet or android mobile phone and also mostly using car for moving nearby and its surround. Also known we commonly practice reading while lying on bed, or listening music while sitting and even in one position for longer period.

By practicing the inactive life style, we all might be gaining weight and risking ourselves.

We and the family members may be exposing to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, heart disease, stroke and more.

Now we all have to commit ourselves for integrating physical activity in our daily day routine for healthier family. Healthy and happy family is an asset to the nation they are the people who are contributing in society and not a liability. They reduce health spending and burden on family

 It is good we make up recommended weekly physical activity target (150 to 180 hours per week in five to six divided days), but still we are at risk if we spend our rest of the time in resting position or lying down. Still it is require and recommended during rest of time of the day we need to have physically active life style.

 Research data’s as emerging with evidence states that our sedentary behaviour like sitting or lying down for long periods, is not at all good for your health.

We strictly adhere to achieve our weekly recommended target of physical activity but still we are at risk to have bad health. This may be due to most of the time we are sitting in one position for longer time or lying down. Secondly which also further contribute  we are eating rich and greasy or junk food,  which destroy our effort  to stay healthy. Beside regular 5-6 days (minimum of 40 minutes each day) of exercise we have to eat healthy food and not follow sedentary life.

Written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First 18 April 2016

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