World Obesity Day observe on 11 October 2016

11 October, 2016 reported by Mahmood Husain:  This year of 2016 World Obesity Day will focus on: This World Obesity Day in 2016 we are calling for urgent government ACTION to end child obesity.

 We all need to act today for healthier future

Childhood and young age obesity has increased tremendously worldwide. Only few countries around the word are serious and taking appropriate measures to cope up against this seriously damaging health issues. Which will later on affects health, lack of drive for educational achievements and will hampers to have Quality Of Life. What to talk about the rest of the countries globally.

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 During this year we focus to work as per guideline

  • Create awareness and enhance knowledge in regard to obesity problem among people.
  • We all need to understand the challenges we will face due to rising obesity.
  • How we can manage and overcome with this in coming great problem.
  • This will also result in economic burden.
  • More people will suffer from diabetes, and other biochemical disorders such as hypertension, cardio-vascular disorder, cancer and many more.
  • We all need to work to engage and encourage various association, medical experts, NGOs and supporter to get involve with advocacy group, run awareness campaign on obesity and its complication.
  • We should also work on to spread best practices and share practical experience to cope up with obesity.

 Childhood Obesity

This day was officially launched in year 2015 with objective to promote and find practical solution to achieve and live with healthy weight. It is essential to enjoy Quality Of Life (QOL).

This year theme and promotional campaign Childhood obesity management will help all of us to overcome the crisis of obesity in childhood which s around us.

Also work to reduce the incidence of diabetes in children and young adult. This theme is in line with WHO commission guideline report published to work on ending childhood obesity.

270 million children likely to be overweight globally by 2025

This is stated as per recent research report which will be approximately 3.3% of the total world population by 2025.  Total population by 2025 is forecasted 8.1 billion from the current population of 7.2 billion in year 2016.

By year 2025 it is expected India population will surpass China, Each of these two countries population forecasted will be around 1.45 billion.

Current population estimated is 7.2 billion out of which nearly 50% is under the age of 30. Out of this as per survey approximately 90% people under age of 30 lives in under develop and developing economy which is mainly comprising of Asia and Africa.

Our region that is Asia continent has the largest number of youth population: It is estimated to be 754 million which has nearly tripled since 1950 in terms of numbers.


Pakistan demographic profile

  • Total Pakistan population 201,995,540 approximately reported in July 2016.
  • Young population age range between 0-24 years are as under
  • Age from 0-14 years reported is nearly 32% with nearly half & half  as of gender distribution.
  • Age from 15-24 year is 21.3% having male population of 22,195,000and female population is 20,846,000

 Brief History and back ground:

It is well established fact the success of the world obesity day will be more effective if we put it on spot light into the media. With the observance of day through media such as print, electronic, social and digital media will engage and create awareness among public. To secure the right place it is essential to have strong consensus on its need. Secondly we need to have advocacy group and also key opinion leader fully supporting the cause. To reach effectively to grass root level we all need resources.

In this regard first success to effectively use this concept for obesity, was led by Latin American countries. They took the lead to observe Obesity Awareness Day on 11th October in 1998 and from there onward it become important date on this part of continent. Where as in UK they also observe National Obesity Awareness for a week during month of January each year.

Now World Obesity day is observe each year on 11th October which coincide with another very important day /date “International Day of the Girl Child”.

Childhood Obesity management is the theme for 2016


Officially World Obesity was launched in year 2015. This was done with the objective to arouse interest and obtain support how to maintain healthy weight.  Find practical solution for general public to keep watch on their body weight. Practical approach to combat with obesity, which is currently appearing globally in the form of crisis. Children and young teenager are in grip of this obesity crisis that’s why year 2016 theme is Childhood Obesity.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan

About Mahmood Hussain

Professional Experience More than 36 years work experience in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectorDirector & General Manager Baby First (Pvt.) Ltd Pakistan March 2011 – till to date I have been associated with Baby First (Pvt) Ltd for more than 5 years. It is advisory, community and social interaction medium for parents 16-38 years and babies 0-6 years.General Manager Aga Khan Health Service Pakistasn December 2005 – December 2007 (2 years 1 month)Based at Karachi Pakistan Worked as General Manager managing Karachi & Baluchistan Health care services of AKHSP which includes primary and secondary health care centers and diagnostic centers on all areas nearly 102 centers which include three leading hospitals in Karachi.General Manager Janssen Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) February 1998 – January 2005 (7 years)Education MBA, Marketing 1995 – 1996, Preston University MSc, Biochemistry 1970 – 1974, Karachi University

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