Child Teeth: Baby First Visit to The Dentist

As per recommendation by dental association child first visit to the dentist when baby attain the age of 1 year. It is also recommended to visit after 6 month of appearance of baby first tooth. Visit to the dentist of your baby at this stage is for routine checkup.


The visit will be short and this will be helpful in establishing the acquaintance and friendship with the dentist for child as well as parents. It is normally done while mother or father sit in the dental chair having child in their lap and dentist examine the mouth and teeth. In few cases dentist may ask parent to sit outside and leave the child with him / her, this may help in establishing relationship between baby and dentist. With this way relationship develop for today as well as for their future visits.

Usually first visit to dentist is routine checkup; it is of short duration with no specific problem but to asses.

In the first visit, dentist will educate parents in respect to basic oral health care, importance of dental hygiene and teeth development in child and also answer parents query if any. During brief introduction along side by side dentist will try to initiate friendship with child. Now dentist will start examination and he or she will check all the appearing teeth for decay, also try to asses if any problem in mouth / gum and jaw. If any minor issue exist in terms of hygiene than dentist will clean the existing teeth as well as assess need for fluoride.

Beside dental checkup of child, the dentist will also educate parents in regard to oral health care basics requirement for children and also discuss if any dental developmental issues observe during dental examination. He will and answer any questions raise by parents.


In the first visit, dentist may discuss with parents following points and we have to understand and pay attention to his / her advice:

  • It is needed to practice and apply recommended oral hygiene techniques in the child. This will be good for child teeth development, their gums, secondly also how to prevent cavity formation.
  • Certain child in their first year may develop habit of thumb sucking, lip biting / sucking and tongue thrusting.
  • Educate child for proper brushing of teeth for healthy and stronger gums and teeth.
  • In the first year of baby their first and foremost teeth’s are erupted and we observe teething problem.
  • Dentist will / may also educate in regard to healthy, natural and balance nutrition

First visit will be of longer duration because they will record data, maintaining proper file of your child, meeting and talking to parents and child. The dentist will examine child teeth and gum in presence of parent or alone with the child. This will be an assessment visit.

If all goes well dentist like dentist would like to plan child next visit with in coming next six month. In upcoming visit dentist will observe how teeth has developed and if any problem recorded than it should be treated.

Secondly familiarity and association with dentist will be develop between child and dentist in this visit and for future.


Written by: Mahmood Hussain 02 April 2016 for Baby First Pakistan

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