Child Tantrum: How to manage toddlers tandtrums

It is observe child may have temper tantrum. A temper tantrum in child observed in shape of ranging from whining which means complaining or moaning. Than this situation may leads to crying, screaming, may also observe in shape of kicking, hitting and even in certain cases breadth holding.

It’s not your job to stop a child from having a tantrum

It’s your job not to have one

As a parent we need to focus more on getting our self-calm, than trying to calm down your child. It is essential for you as parent to understand why this tantrum situation develops in children.


As a parent please read the expert proposed guidelines to manage & handle such situation. We will try to analyze the situation and symptom of tantrum which means sudden outburst or violent act by child due to frustration in shape of all of sudden burst of ill temper.

We have to observe why the childhood temper tantrum happens. This situation may be observed  in child when you are in doctor clinic, going for shopping in bazar or in supermarket,  may be going to see family or friend get together such as wedding party, birthday celebration, weekend get together or iftar party during Ramadan. Such situation may also be observe when in laws or cousin and their family member visiting your house especially when visiting with child or children.

For you as a parent to manage this situation is quite exhaustive, especially if this tantrum temper situation arises in public. This is quite embarrassing for both of you.

But the fact remains same and we have to remember the temper tantrums are very common and this behaviour is commonly observe in young child.

We have to be prepared and understand the cause of this type of behaviour, also very important to keep our temper under control during the midst of yelling or screaming of a child.

To master and take control of the situation you have to have good understanding of the cause of the irritation in children. Secondly then you device the strategy to manage and control the situation very coolly this will definitely help to calm down your child.

Temper Tantrum and its cause


As a parent we have to understand in any situation temper tantrum may spark. This situation which arises and you are unable to understand why the child starts screaming or kicking. Such situation may arises, reason may be child is too tired, feeling hungry, or may be exhausted due long day activity. Due to our social engagement or commitment our child routine has been disturbed. This means his / her privacy has been infringed.

Now a days trend has evolved among middle and upper middle class to pack their child mostly in pamper and when they forget to change timely or delay in change of pamper may also lead to irritation. Secondly child has pooped which may be also the cause of greater frustration and irritation.

Due to the above mentioned situations child is frustrated. He or she can only express his feeling by crying or screaming, or kicking.

This has also been observed also in pleasant and exciting environment or situation, may also lead in the child to frustration and result in temper tantrum. This is quite frustration for you as parent but this needed to be handling with gentleness and very calmly.

Role of Parent’s in temper tantrum.

As parent it is very important for you to remain calm and compose when the young one loses controls or get irritated.   At this point of time an adult wisdom is needed to control and manage situation of temper tantrum.

The major objective of the adult is to prevent the child from damaging himself or herself as well others. The nature and behaviour of each child differ from other, and the same technique will not work for all children. So far no fix or advisable remedy is readily available to work on managing temper tantrum.

Expert has tried to put together little valuable advice which may help:

  • Do not irritate the child or allow other to immediately mix up or rush toward child.
  • Do not show immediate affection, when child is in new place or others visiting his/her place. Please allow space and have patience child will adjust with the time.
  • As a parent please don’t enforce decision that may arise tantrum behaviour, and tantrum is also described as emotional black mail. This is normally observed when they have audience or protective guest.
  • It is better to takeaway child from the situation take him/her to other room.

role-of-parents-in-temper-child-tantrumSecondly it is good to ignore the initial tantrum if not so than take your child away and pleasantly advise him/her (in cool manner along with great patience) this is unwanted behaviour and this reflects very bad. Ask the child to be a good baby. Your disapproval his attitude with your calm behaviour and will make him / her to understand the bad behaviour reflected by him / her.

After taking your child to other room or place your child away from the situation,  this will has less reason or chances to cry, scream or lie on floor and may also start  kicking.

Please do communicate that you will confine to this room until or unless he or she calm down and behave like a good boy.

 As parent or adult if you get angry in this situation, this will further aggravate the situation and will lead to increase in the intensity of tantrum. Please first and foremost priority is to try to calm down the child at all cost. When situation is under control than please make him/her understand the bad behaviour which was reflected is too bad.

Tantrum behaviour in child can be damaging and leads to trauma what they need from adult is to overcome from bad situation and help them to gain reassurance

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website and facebook.

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