Child first fasting tips during Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan is not obligatory till the child attain the age of adolescent or puberty.

Still children wish to keep fast in earlier age. As parent if you are planning your child observe fast for the first time during this year. For your information in this year of 2016, month of Ramadan will fall in June and July and these are hottest month of the year, secondly duration of fasting will be 15-16 hours a day.


We as parent need to know how to make their first experience fasting comfortable and enjoyable for children. Please follow the tips mentioned below.

Normally this has been observed child insist and very keen to do fasting for the first time during holy month of Ramadan. Prepare your child to fast for the first time in this year of 2016.  Secondly select Friday or weekend, because parents want to celebrate the occasion normally we called the celebration as Roza Khushai.  Parents normally invite their close relatives and friends to open their fast with new incoming Roza Dar, which means along with the child.

As parent we have to the give the child basic knowledge and understanding as per Islamic law. Why fasting is observed and what are the rewards for fasting during this month. With the education provided to the children they will be motivated to observe fast.


Fasting teaches us to observe good behaviour, avoid bad and abusive language, to be helpful to poor and needy people. Also respect to your adult and love with children.

Fasting teaches us to be patience and cultured in our approach.  Beside it,  it is compulsory to offer five time prayers in a day and have full understanding and importance of Suher and Iftar.

During the month of fasting and by keeping fast the child will pass through changes in his / her eating habit and variation in pattern of sleep. The health expert advices how we can make fasting comfortable and enjoyable for the children, below are few tips for ready reference:

It is important your child should go to bed early to ensure they wake fresh and energetic at time of Sher. Secondly they need to be active and attentive during the day. At this time as we now school are closed for summer vacation during June & July.


  • Please ensure your child should wake up early at Sehri to have sufficient time to take right amount of food and liquid to stay energetic and hydrated during entire day.
  • You as parent or mother need to get up earlier than child to prepare and arrange healthy food for all people and especially your loved one and new guest entering member of fasting family.
  • As parent and especially mother should ensure to give healthy and good value nutritious food at Sehri to their loved ones. If possible please make sure to include egg, milk, cereal and yoghurt beside bread or homemade Roti at Sehri.
  • Ensure he / she should drink adequate amount of water to keep the child hydrated during long fasting hour from dawn to dusk in year 2016.
  • Recommended also to drink healthy and full of nutrition drink or fresh fruit juices. If possible includes fruit and vegetable to eat at time of Seher.
  • It is must and strongly recommended that child should have Seher if he/she is willing and prepare to fast. Secondly ensure to avoid overeating from Iftar to Sehur to remain healthy and energetic.
  • Please make sure your child should not do strenuous and heavy work out or excess of physical activities during fasting hour. This may lead to weakness and feel of greater thirst.
  • Try to ensure your child should have adequate sleep and rest. Because during Ramadan the sleep pattern is disturb. The best time to catch sleep that is after offering Fajar prayer or after Zuhr prayer till before Magreb prayer.
  • Involve to certain extent your child to help you in preparing iftar, this will generate sense f participation.
Article written by Mahmood Hussain for baby First website and facebook


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