We celebrate Senior Citizen Day. Few valuable advises for the senior citizen.

We celebrate Senior Citizen Day. Few valuable advises for the senior citizen.

It is reported in the USA approximately 51% of old people fall while they tend to climb the stairs.

By Mahmood Hussain 31st October 2017   article and blog are written for www.babyfirst.com.pk   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as Linkedin, Twitter and so on. The writer is currently in Philadelphia, USA.

I was compelled to write on this very important subject because one of my friend Major General Zafar Naqvi created awareness and highlighted its importance among us.

This motivated me to take up this topic and write an article/blog on Senior Citizen or Elderly people to create awareness among all age group of people (20-80 years) especially in SARRC region and to my country Pakistan fellow men.

In USA study was conducted which states that 51% and more of the adult people (65+ age) fall while climbing the stairs. Many of the victims suffer due to bone fracture.  In the later stage, they die because of bone fracture/immobility or very restricted movement which may also lead to other complication.

Worldwide Senior Citizen Day or World Elderly Day is celebrated every year.

In USA early it was celebrated on 14th August, this was approved and endorsed by their President Franklin Roosevelt in the year 1935. Later in the year 1988 Ronald Reagan, the president of USA declared 21st August as National Senior Citizen Day.

World Early Day celebrated each year on 01st October of each year. Though I am writing the article on last day of October, it is late but still will create awareness among general masses of all age group and especially among the old age people. On the day or week of celebration, this is and will have to define purpose such as to recognize/highlight their positive role played in society, worth contribution by senior citizens in overall building the society and country.

While observing and promoting the day of the Senior Citizen, we should have defined purpose regarding the welfare of these old and retired people.  Secondly how we can learn and gain from their experience in our routine life. Thirdly how the senior citizen can still play a significant role in the society, building up the society/community and also in term of business development.

After world war II with scientific advancement and clinical research, the life expectancy has increased significantly, we give full credit to the researchers for their devotion to increase significantly the lifespan. Now below is tangible result provided below for the information.

Life expectancy from 1950 to 2015 and forecast by the year 2035 are listed below:

  • European countries in the year 1950 life expectancy used to be 62 now in 2015 it is 77 years. And forecast by the year 2035 is 79 years
  • In India during 1950 life expectancy average was 37 years and in the year 2015 it is 65 and forecast by 2035 it will be 72 years.
  • If we take the USA in 1950 life expectancy was 69, by the year 2015 it was 79 years and forecast by 2035 will be 83 years.
  • China life expectancy in the year 1950 was 41 years and by 2015 it was 75 years and forecast by 2035 is 78 years.
  • Pakistan is ranked 130 in the year 2015 with average life expectancy of 66.4 years. In 1960 Pakistan is ranked at 110th and average life expectancy was 46.9years

Worldwide the overall life expectancy has increased significantly within last five decades. This has been made possible due to the following achievements.

  • Extensive scientific and clinical research.
  • Better knowledge, advancement in clinical diagnosis and better treatment options.
  • Overall health awareness and education program via communication media such as TV, Radio and print media.
  • Social media now is playing the significant role to communicate such as Facebook, Linkedin, and others. These are now more are the popular source of dissemination of information.

Below mentioned are points and advice for the senior citizen to be healthy and fit.

It was advised by the consultants and expert internist for senior citizen, which means specialist doctors who are in touch with them and also manage people above the age of 62 years


  1. Try to avoid climbing stairs. If it is needed or essential to climb stairs, then make sure to go slow/step by step and also ensure to hold firmly the railings to proceed.
  2. Do not rapidly twist your head. It is if needed then first warm up your body than twist the head.
  3. Avoid bending your body to touch the toes, If needed first warm up your body than bend the body.
  4. Ensure to wear pants or pajama in a sitting position. It is dangerous to wear trouser while in standing position.
  5. When lying and face is upward, please ensure not to sit up in this position. Ensure to sit up from one side either the face facing left or right hand.
  6. It is very important not to twist your body before going for exercise. It is needed first to warm up the body.
  7. it is essential to don’t twist your body before doing exercise. First, warm up the whole body.
  8. Senior citizen or elderly people avoid walking backward. If they fall in this position, chances are of significant injury.
  9. Avoid rapidly or fast getting up from the bed, firstly lie down calmly and wait for few minutes to get up from the bed.
  10. Ensure not to have forceful defection, let it go in a natural way.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media

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