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World Hypertension Day 2017 | Know your blood pressure


The world hypertension is celebrated on 17th May. Overall objective is to create awareness among masses about hypertension commonly also refer as high blood pressure. Mission is to educate people what preventive measures to be adapted to remain healthy and have “Quality Of Life” (QOL).  If hypertension persist and not …

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Mother’s Day 14 May 2017. مان تجھے سلام – تیرے قدمون تلے جنت

Mothers’s Day Celebrate On Sunday 14 May 2017 مان تجھے سلام – تیرے قدمون تلے جنت مان اک خشبو ، سراپا محبت، اور ہر لحمہ دعا دینے والی۔ 14 May 2017 by Mahmood Hussain. In year 2017, worldwide Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 17th. This day is …

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Healthy Food: Dates (کھجور) Contains Essential Nutrition


Dates (کھجور) are healthy and contains the needed nutrition. During Ramadan, its consumption increases among Muslims.  They mostly consume it at iftar time for opening their fast. Now the holy month of Ramadan is approaching and this is just three weeks away. Our zone / region falls in the area …

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