Children and Internet: How Does Internet Use Affect Children Today?


By Mahmood Hussain 31st August 2016 We will look in the article, below what are its physical and socials effects on children and young adults. Effects of internet & computer usage in children Exposure of children on daily basis to the computer, mobile, lap top. tablet and media.  Whether it …

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How to prevent your child from head lice – جوون سے بچاو

prevent children head lice

Prevent your child from head lice – جوون سے بچاو جوون سے محفوظط رہنے کی تدابیر It is important for parents to learn how to prevent their children from lice. Mostly children are effected in school from their class room colleagues or friends. This can be spread the children play …

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Child Growth & Development from year one to three

Baby development stages 1-3 years  Child Growth & Development from year onr to three. By Mahmood Hussain 20 July 2017 for Baby First Pakistan. This is regarding Baby growth and development. This is the third article/blog in term of baby development stages. Two already published and available on website. The …

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