Benefits of Apple as Fruit on Human Life

Very old and commonly used proverb, which we all have heard several times

Eating Apple a day, helps to keep the doctor away.


In light of this saying we will look and review below what makes apple so special in our daily life. What are the health benefits which are linked with eating apple in our routine daily life?

  • Apple is one of the great health gift of Almighty Allah to us.
  • Apple is famous with full of praises and it is refer as Miraculous Food.
  • It is widely grown and consumed fruit on this globe.

Apple is found to be rich in terms of important antioxidants, dietary fiber and flavonoids. The flavonoids are polyphenolic molecules having 15 carbons atoms and having property of water soluble. It is found in abundance in plants. The flavonoids provides various health benefit by giving signal to the cell pathway for metabolism and the antioxidant effects.

Presence of phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and even cancer.

  • Beauty of apple and it is gift of nature, this is devoid of fat and also contains no sodium or fat.
  • Its consumption also been beneficial for improved respiratory function.
  • Apple antioxidant benefits will lower the risk of asthma.

Multiple research’s and data suggests that apple to be considered and placed as highly healthy food. This is to be included in our daily diet schedules.

Origin of Apple and worldwide production


The apple has been grown for centuries in Asia and Europe. China is main producer, it has the lion share of 49% (41 million tons) out of total worldwide apple production that is 83 million tons in the year 2015. The share of USA is 5% that’s come to 4.1 tones in year 2012. Turkey share is 3% share which translate into 2.9 million tons per annum. Whereas Pakistan ranked 20th largest producer of apple which comes to 650,000 tomes.

Now it is grown around the globe as fruit trees. European especially people from Wales brought this fruit to USA.

In recently published reports which states the benefit of using an apple routinely per day, which translate into eating apple a day is as effective as using statin (cholesterol reducing drug)  which help in controlling vascular disease and managing blood cholesterol level. We refer here one research study by Oxford University of UK, in which researchers found eating one apple per day can be as effective as taking statin as medicine, which has property to lower the raised cholesterol level in blood which can prevent vascular death in the people attaining age of 45 and above.


Benefit of eating Apple

Apple have very good quantity of vitamin C and almost 50% of apple vitamin C is beneath the skin. It is advised and good idea to eat apple along with skin. Whereas one scientist name Flores further adds and says this is the place in apple where fiber is found.

The apple contains insoluble fiber, which support to provide bulk to the intestine. This bulk form has the property it holds water, also helps in cleaning food and allows food to rapidly move via the digestive system for excretion.

Nutritional value:

Apple with skin (comprising of edible part).

This value has been calculated on the basis nutrition in apple per 100 gm or equivalent to 3.5 oz.


It has good nutritional value of Vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, E, K, folic acid and most of the minerals which are beneficial for human being.

Apple has an excellent and healthy nutritional profile:

Apple also called as nutritional powerhouse. It has the following nutrients which are needed for healthy life, such as:

  • Vitamin C which is term as powerful antioxidant, the term used by University of Maryland. It has the property to stop damaging to the cell by free radicals. This also boost the body defense to resist against infecting agents
  • Vitamin B complex found in apple helps to maintain require levels of RBC commonly known as red blood cells and nervous system which is essential for good health.
  • Dietary fiber benefits, a diet such as apple which is rich in fiber prevent to develop certain diseases and also check or avoid to increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • Phytonutrients presence in apple, this helps in protecting the body from effects of free radical.
  • Mineral such as potassium, calcium and phosphorous has it role as building block, which are found in this fruit.


Possible benefits of apple on human life:

  1. Improves neurological heath due to the antioxidant such as quercetin found in sufficient quantity in apple. Thus helps in reducing death of cells because of oxidation and inflammation of neurons
  2. Incidence of Diabetes are reduced. With regular use of apple the chances are its lower the risk of diabetes
  3. Obesity can be controlled and reduced.All the varieties of apples have certain effect to prevent obesity. In a study published in 2014 in which they studied and compare on mice this property in seven variety of apple such Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Red delicious, Golden delicious, Braeburn and McIntosh. Their finding is, it affects the good gut bacteria of diet induced mice. The best and fruitful result out of seven variety of apple was observed with Granny Smith variety.
  4. Lower Bad cholesterol level. In a study conducted by the researchers of Miami, USA in which they found older women who eat daily apple for six months had positive impact on health outcome. They had 23% lower bad cholesterol and 4% more good cholesterol. They also stated apple is miracle fruit
  5. Beneficial for neurological (nerve) health. Eating daily apple which means to include it in your daily diet. This may protect the nerve cells.  This was found by researchers in 2008.
  6. Apple Prevent dementia, which is a chronic or tireless mental disorder. This may be due to injury or disease in brain. This may be adjudged on the basis of memory loss, impaired reasoning and change in personality.
  7. Alzheimer. The study suggest eating apple may play an important role in decreasing the neurological disorders, now a days also commonly refer as Alzheimer disease.
  8. Apple a day may help to prevent breast cancer. This was reported as per several studies published. In which it states that with the regular use of vegetables and fruit especially the apple gives more phenolic, which provides lot of health benefits. Researcher Liu suggested to eat and consume daily mixture of fruits and vegetables for Quality Of Life (QOL) and healthy living.
Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First


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