Baby’s Teeth: Timing for First Tooth

Parents are worried and anxious in regard to when their baby first tooth appears. Secondly when baby start teething. Most of the babies will have teeth when they are 6 month old but it may also vary.

Dental care in infant is highly important for healthy living right from the beginning.

baby first teeth timing, teething time and 1st tooth
baby first teeth

Leading dental association and consultant recommend initial visit of baby to the dentist before their first birthday to make sure that gums and teeth are well taken care and they are cleaned properly.

In regard to the timing for appearing of baby first teeth it varies in babies. Normally average baby age for the appearance of first teeth is six month. In some cases child do not have their first tooth till the age of 12-15 months.

It has also been observed few children can start teething at early age and their first tooth appears at age of 3-4 months. Just too state this fact also in very few /rare cases babies are born with a teeth and these are known as natal tooth. In few cases or often it’s needs to be removed.

Teething may make your child fussy and it is highly irritating. This may lead to child is restless and salivating. May be grab your hand and pull it to her / his mouth but please try to avoid it. In few cases infant may lose their appetite.

Appearance of tooth:

It has been observed the lower middle two teeth (central incisors) usually they appears first. Than followed by the upper, middle in pair.

In third stage normally and later on appear the lateral incisors, canine, first, and then second molars all follows.

All 20 baby teeth they are term as primary one which are in baby mouth, when the child is 2 to 3 years old.

Please bear in mind that the above mention typical order of tooth appearance in baby mouth, but many babies also don’t follow this pattern and may be may come randomly and differently.

For your kind information first visit of your child to pediatric dentist is recommended after 6 month of appearance of first teeth or when your child is one year old. The same is also recommended by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Be prepare when your child is about to be 6 years old, your child will lose their first primary teeth followed by child will quickly start to get their first of 32 permanent ones during same period.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain dated 13 January 2016 for Baby First Website and facebook placement


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