Baby’s growth and development stages from 6 months to One year.

Baby’s growth and development stages from 6 months to One year.

By Mahmood Hussain 17 July 2017 for Baby First Pakistan. It is amazing and highly rewarding for parents to see their child growing physically and mentally. In regard to normal growth and development for their babies, at the same time they would like to know what is normal for baby in the define age period from 6 months to one year.

The normal development rate in children varies from baby to baby, certain activities they learn and adopt earlier and few activities they may start late. For example, they may start sitting and crawling at earlier age between 6-8 months and they may walk at later stage which may varies from 14 to 15 months. Whereas these development stages can be vice versa in other babies, but they all are taken as normal development stages.

Baby strength and agility increases with the passage of time.

The parent needs to worry when the baby fails continuously or persistently to perform normal range of functions require at the given age period. There may be a definite reason and this needs monitoring and careful evaluation.  If such condition is worrying you, please do consult the physician or baby pediatrician to evaluate and assess the situation. Please keep in mind such condition applies in very small number of children.

Chart Depicting Baby Development stages in year one.

Baby Age


At BirthBaby lying on designated place
4-6 weeksSocial smile and some sign of recognition
Three monthsStart holding head
5-6 monthsApproach and try to hold bright objectives
6-7 monthShe sits with support.

Start transfer goods from one hand to other

Learn to imitate the cough

7 monthsStart sitting wit out any support
8-10 monthsBaby start crawling
9 monthsBaby start standing with the support such as table or chair.
10-11 monthLearn to crawl or sneak means creep
12 months or I year OldStart walking ot may start walks by holding furnit

Height and weight.

At age of 6 months, most of the babies have doubled their birth weight.  In 6 month old baby Boy its weight will be between 16.2 to 18.8 pounds.  In baby girls its weight will be between 14.8 to 17.5 pounds

When the child reaches the age of one year, baby weight will be nearly three times the weight she or he had at the time of birth. The height will also be 50% taller as recorded at the time of birth.

Start Solid food and water at the age of six-month-old baby

After completing 6 months now it’s time to start solid food to the baby. Continue also normal breast feeding on day to day basis. Initially start giving baby solid food in very small quantity such as of mesh potatoes or egg white, yogurt, small portion of banana, oatmeal,  dalia, infant cereal and so the list goes on. Kindly observe how is baby responding to any given food. Then gradually increase the quantity and increase variety of healthy and nutritious food.

Also at this stage start giving baby water in routine.

The baby at this stage will begin to understand simple command such as NO or YES and give me. Baby is also naturally curious about the environment / surrounding and will utilize her newly developed motor skills to learn and understand.     

Teeth appearance in first year.

Appearance of first teeth normally during 66th to 8th month old baby and this start with teething,  The bottom middle teeth come out first, which is refer as lower central incisors. During 8 to 12 months the next two teeth appears that is upper middle teeth which is refer scientifically as upper central  incisor.  With four teeth in their mouth on baby first birthday they look very cute and innocent.  If no teeth appear till baby attain the age of13th or 14th month this need medical attention please consult the dentist.

During 7th month baby start rolling, will also learn how to move slowly and carefully in given space. They start sliding or skidding during this month.

This is the time they also initiate and start communicating.

During 8th month normally baby will learn to crawl. They babble which means they talk rapidly and continuously in absurd way, baby seems to be excited, or incomprehensible way. They will be curious and interested at this stage.

In 9th month baby brain is developing further and progressing, they will adopt new activities such as they start speaking first words and repeating it
During 10th month child developed skills of mimicker which means imitating or copying or mirroring the activities. To certain extent they able to make eye contact. Thirdly their motor skill is further refined. They start to learn to stand with support. They also walking or running in their walker.

They start recognizing their name and speak one word like mama, papa.


In 11th month baby moves slowly and carefully to avoid being heard or noticed.

Baby normally creep and drag slowly, move on their hands and knees. They drag and pull oneself, they also advance slowly. They may also start walking or willing to learn how to walk in this period of 11-12 month.

Their behavior and attitude towards stranger is also normal process at the stage when they are about to be a year old. The same baby has welcome and given warm behavior to the person in his or her previous visit. Now in this visit she or he has become guarded and showing repulsive attitude, which should be taken as normal behavi

Sleep pattern may also be disturbed or upset when they are about to be 9-12-month-old. The child may wake up during night and may start crying, because she or he did not find you in the room. If this problem persists than try putting baby in bed while he or she is drowsy which means half awake and half sleep. Kindly train to sleep on her own, this will be beneficial for both and ease baby anxiety if she wakes up during midnight.

This period from 6 months to one year of baby. which means reaching baby first birthday is full of activities, they are learning lot of new skills. Which need parents or caregiver more careful and watch full attention.  Their brain is also developing rapidly during this phase as well as baby mental development

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, twitter, linkedin and other popular social media


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