Child Development Stages: Growth from day one to 6 months

Baby growth & development from day one to 6 months

It will be a series of three articles / blogs for baby growth and development from day one to the age of 3 years. In this first article / write up I will cover from the day of birth of baby till he / she is 6 months old. It will be broad base guideline to assess baby and its growth stages.  Each baby is grown in unique ways. Every individual child has different growth and activities response patterns.


We can see and observes few babies sit in early stage of life where as they may crawl late if compare with other child. Few of the children start walking as soon as they reached the age of 11 to12 months which means they are walking on their first birthday and other child may walk later at the age of 14 or 15 months.

Due to different / varied growth and development patterns and stages by each child.  We will try to cover and explain in terms such as baby, toddlers and preschool age child in this article / blog. In further two articles to be written later will cover the baby growth and development pattern from 7 months to the age of three years.

All Parents and especially new entrants are keenly interested to know what is growth and development pattern to be achieve by new arrival and in years to come.  We all have to keep in mind these are broad base guidelines. Each child is unique and will have its own growth pace.  This article is very broad base guidelines for normal growth and most of the activities / pattern of development are also vary from child to child.

As a parent, we don’t have to worry until or unless we notice any abnormal behavior or sign of red flags is raised by baby.

Child development: First 2 months

In this period will cover from day of birth to 2 months of baby, it is mostly comprising of:

  • Baby feeding
  • Providing calm and cozy environment to let her sleep.
  • Changing nappy or diaper.
  • Timely vaccination of baby as per recommended guidelines.
  • Responding to her cry, screams and wails.
  • Learn how to shower and bathe baby.

During this period of initial two months of baby mothers are mostly engage in breast feeding of baby (WHO strongly recommend exclusive Breast Feeding during first six month of baby). Breast feeding is the ideal, healthy and nutritious for baby. This also provide natural immunity During 0-6 month of baby best feed is mother breast milk.  Feeding by the mother is fully sufficient for healthy growth of the baby. Until and unless mother milk is not sufficient or mother has any problem in feeding baby, please consult baby doctors for advice for Top Feed to baby. Mother must put their best efforts to feed baby on breast milk produce by her breast .

In later stage after a month or few weeks baby may start noticing mother or care giver voice, may also start recognizing their faces and respond to the feel and touch. Baby will start looking or gazing at you if you are with in distance of less than one feet.

Their hearing ability is developed and she/he might start responding to your voice or familiar voices. In later stage baby will be able to lift her head as well turn herself if lying on stomach.  This can be observed during several tummy times in a day which comprises of short duration and this tummy time also recommended by pediatrician.

To certain extent baby attention is drawn toward color patterns which are nearby to her. We can also observe baby start moving her hands in jerky pattern during this period. Baby also start bringing her hand close to her mouth.

We need to get close to the baby she feels your warmth. We need to talk to the baby, sing baby rhyme and read any color full children book. Make eye contact with her and play simple game. Make familiar sound or copy her sound to draw her / his attention. After playing we need to learn she had enough of playtime and now she needs some rest or catch up sleep.

Ensure that baby spent time outside home with you, you can go with her for walk in a park or playground. She or he will enjoy visiting such places. 

Child development: From 3 to 6 months

Primary role will remain the same as observed in first two months with additional responsibility such as:

  • Baby feeding especially focus on exclusive breast feeding
  • Providing calm and cozy environment to let her sound sleep.
  • Changing nappy or diaper.
  • Timely vaccination of baby as per recommended guidelines.
  • Responding to her cry, screams and wails.
  • In last phase prepare and learn when and how to start solid food.
  • Now baby to have bath on daily basis. You or care giver need to be smarter, experience and trained to give bath and shower on day to day basis.

In this 3 to 6 months phase of life cycle, you will be enjoying the warmness of your baby in your lap. You will enjoy smile of your baby.

When you play or talk or sing a rhyme they will enjoy and show their positive response. They start making sound or murmur. Secondly, they start imitating your sound and facial expression. At this phase baby start lifting the head and chest without any support especially when they are lying on their stomach.

In later part of this life cycle that is of 5-6 month they are ready for roll over and make certain round movement in limited space.

They start opening their hand and close in shape of fist mostly. Hold the toys and they shake it in a jerky way. Hit or zap toys or object which are in their hand.  Now they make fist and bring them to the mouth and push their leg upward and forward.

Overall coordination has improved and especially you notice of eyes. In this stage baby follow your movement and recognize you very well. Also familiarize herself with known faces and respond them to certain extend.

Your response to baby will make him / her more secured and loving. You can also help him to take her hand in her mouth for which she is trying hard for days in this phase.

Regularly give baby tummy time, with this activity she will learn and practice new skills. This will strengthen muscle. During tummy time give toys in baby hand so he / she can reach and learn to hold and make rattling noise.

Now in this phase of baby growth and development now she is responsive and which both of you start enjoying. It is important for you to play and talk to the baby when awake. You need tell her what are you doing and show her certain objects to recognize it. It is very important to show her baby books and recite what are the figures and object meant for.

Give her lot of hugs and hold in your lap several times a day and talk to her regularly. Play games with baby, encourage his / her efforts to grab the toys or baby book with in her reach.  Help baby effort to roll over.

Baby is ready, she or he smiles, laugh and do talk to you in jabbering or having no meaning conversation.   You start enjoying a lot and try to act in same way these activities.

If we review social and emotional effect while baby is in the age of 4-6 months. These are to be observe mostly.

Baby understand and know the familiar and stranger faces and she responds accordingly.  Baby ready to play with person in contact especially and mostly the parents, grandparents or care giver. She enjoys seeing her image in mirror. She understands and to certain extend responds to people emotion and act accordingly.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and other popular social media.

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